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[rp log] [Kouji, Keisuke]

Characters: Kouji and Keipi
Rating: Totally G
Dated: Way back when, when Kouji was still crashing over at Keipi's.
Summary: A typical day at the Ashiwara residence, with a nod to the edibility of birds and the wonderfulness of Japanese game shows. ♥ Rikkai sacrifices kittens, Seigaku's Fuji-san is definitely suss and SeiRu is just fear. It's always fun and games in Keipi's head.

I think they served kittens today. But it's okay, I just ate the rice.Collapse )

RP Log: Takayama Kouji and Terada Ayato (SeiRu)

A bit of preface.

Recently (about two weeks ago), Takayama Kouji had decided that he wasn't going to be staying in the dorms at St Rudolph anymore, and with the aid of Keipi (thursdayschild_), Shozo (misuta_kuriipi) and Kazuto (fubukikazuto, managed to escape the watchful eyes of the many nuns prowling the campus. (There is a log for this, but as it's a four-person log, it's been kind of tricky to try and finish.)

In the meantime, Kouji's been staying with Keipi. (There's at least one log detailing a somewhat typical day during his stay, but, you know, that procrastination thing hits.)

Guess it got to be too much, or something started getting to him -- Kouji's decided maybe he ought to go back to St Rudolph, and so, tonight, under the cover of night, stealthily breaks back into the dorm rooms like some kind of reverse-ninja. His roommate, Terada Ayato (seiru_ricochet) has some words for him.


Tonight (04.20);
St Rudolph dorms
Mild warning for Kouji's cursing.

Where the hell have you been?Collapse )

RP Log - Ashiwara Keipi-chin and Fukatsu Kae-tan (Hyotei and Rikkai)

Dated: Right after this series of comments.
Summary: Kaede sets off for Tokyo to meet Keisuke and is sadly kouhai'd (and they aren't even from the same school!) into submission. They bond over turtles, ice cream and mock violence. No more piggy back rides for you after this! xD Also another transcribed log. I've included a couple of doodles, just for fun. :3
Rating: G

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RP LOG - Marui Kenta and Fukatsu Kaede~!

Dated: A little bit back.
Summary: Two Rikkai freshmen become good friends. Just lotsa great banter. The reason for this is because Birdy and me worked on this as one of this IC Chats like so: example.Collapse )

...and then I transcribed the entire thing into what you see here for optimal maximum super enjoyment desu. :3 *bows*
Rating: G

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