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[RP Log] Taoka Shozo; Fukatsu Kaede

characters:listed aboveShozo & Kaede; appearance by Mister Creeps
rating: PG for language
summary: mister creeps goes missing and is chanced upon by kaede at the hyotei train station. shozo comes to rescue his darling and they go watch horror flicks?
note* ahaha, it ends suddenly.
timeframe: earlier in the week.

Kaede yawned and stared out the window as houses and the other tastefully designed structure of the more posh Kantou area where Hyotei was located flashed by, wondering what he was going to do once he got to his stop. It was only by chance that he wanted to get out of his city again but there was no real reason too, luckily, a call for help care of one Hyotei regular with a missing pet told him to go already and see if that could be interesting. The guy said a spider and spiders were fast and wily and dangerous and things like that.

And the door slid open and Kaede's head snapped up when a shriek rang his ears. Before the doors could close, he slid out and craned his head over the people to see what the commotion was. Up in the juncture between a newspaper stand and a metal pillar was a very large, very, very hairy spider.

"Oh." Kaede breathed, at the exact moment the schoolgirls started screaming. Looks like the search was pretty much over. "Er...no, no, he's harmless." He tried to calm one who'd clung to his jacket screaming. This was going to be messy. Hurriedly, he fumbled for his celphone and typed out an email to Shozo to the tune of Get over here now. Spider spotted. Subway nearest to the school. K-tan. And hoped the guy was paying attention to his messages.

Shocked from his reveries by the buzzing vibration feature currently implemented on most phones, Shozo grasped desperately at his pocket in a vain attempt to make it stop. He smoothed a strand of hair back slowly and casually adjusted his jacket - a way to make it seem like he didn’t just jump an inch into the air - before opening the phone, eyebrow raising at the email.

K-at- ..what an idiot.. He shook his head, nodding to himself and slowly speaking under his breath as he pulled foot over foot towards the subway. It had been quite a long time without Mister Creeps around, and it had a very noticeable effect on his outlook of life. This allowed surprise for Shozo, as Mister Creeps could never be thought of as a pet towards him. He was a very good friend. Taking a spot with a perfect view of the subway, he flipped the phone open once again - a picture of Mister Creeps was his wallpaper, and the spider was crawling towards something seemingly rat-like - before typing up a slow email along the lines of @s-way; btr b mstr crps.

It's a pretty big spider, doesn't look native to this subway let alone the city., Kaede hastily replied and he carefully reached up to try and pick the spider off the wall after pulling his sleeve over his hand. "Nice spider..." And it was...kinda. Big and hairy but pretty cool. Kaede watched intently and tried not to make sudden movements as the arachnid crawled down his arm. "Hey, not too shabby." Kaede said to himself while the girls squealed and backed away.

"Shozo!" He called, raising his free hand and waved him over. "There." Kaede stuck his arm out. "Is that Mister Creepy?"

Shozo smiled, purely for the spider’s sake, and nodded slowly towards his taller.. Companion, he supposed would be best to describe him as. He reached out and stroked the spider’s sac gently, noting a small dent in it’s hairy flesh from when he nearly stabbed him in fear. “Yeah. Yeah, this is him.” His smile continued, up until he looked up at Kaede. It was then an eyebrow rose, and he coughed politely.

“Well then, I suppose I owe you something, don’t I. That *is* what you people prefer, isn’t it?” He sighed, and shook his head. “You return something of mine, I owe you.. Food, or clothing, or money. Stray dog thoughts..”
A snort, and he lifted Mister Creepy from Kaede’s arm, setting him on his own shoulder, where the spider proceeded to get reacquainted with Shozo’s shoulder and neck.

"Nah, we can put off the favor for some other time. I just happened to be here when the screaming started." Kaede waved the slightly less panicky looking girls away with a charming little sheepish grin. "You should keep a better eye on him though. He got pretty far, pretty fast for a little guy."

“Absolutely spectacular. He caused chaos? Such a beautiful little boy, aren’t you, Mister Creepy..” Shozo cooed softly to the spider nestling into the crook of his neck, all of it’s tiny eyes dark and fixed on Kaede. Shozo’s own eyes fixed on Kaede’s, though it was complicated and annoying to have to look up. “..I don’t stop him if he needs to have his own fun.” And then he seemed to falter, and Shozo slowly looked nervous and sheepish. “I’m sorry, you know, dragging you out all this way for Mister Creepy. Probably have something big going on at Rikkai anyway. Ranking matches, the like.”

"Wonderful little bugger, if I say so myself." Kaede tickled the little thing like it was a puppy, his eyebrow quirking a little at the happy little sounds Shozo was giving it...like it WAS a puppy. "Pets need to have their own fun now and then and soooo......you let them, that's all. Even Chocho, my turtle, has her kicks now and then. You should see her zoom all around the house. Fastest turtle in the world, indeedy." Kaede grinned good-naturedly at Shozo. "Ii yo. I was out already. And we had ranking matches ages ago. T'was easy, cleaned them out in one weekend, won the spot, the end. Not busy at all. Glad to be of service." He tipped an imaginary hat.

Shozo expressed pure confusion over the latter action, wondering why Kaede would be grabbing thin air and tipping his hand in such a way, but he shrugged - which jostled Mister Creeps, which made him angry. “Right. You keep talking of fast turtles and acting smug like that, and I’m going to start thinking you’re related to Keisuke. Or Kazuto-senpai.” He fixed his hair, pushing stray strands back into their partially greased place, before speaking to himself. “..does every team have to have some smug, idiotic bastard? I feel like I’m in a boy band..”

"Just my defense mechanism, Shozo-sama." Kaede laughed and stuffed his hands into his pockets in a very boyish kind of way. "Sorry, I can't help it. I'm really like this....it can't be all that smug." He ran a hand through his hair sheepishly. "Keipi-chin just talks fast and has strange berserker fits but he's tiny and easy to deal with. I've never met your sempai but I hear nothing but...ah...praise for the guy." Kaede laughed. Then leaning over a little and smoothing a finger over Mister Creeps' back to shush him a little, he said, "I didn't know being a smug, idiotic bastard was criteria for a boy band, Shozo-kun. That would make you...the arrogant megalomaniac member, if it were?" Kaede grinned.

Eyes narrowed, Shozo slapped away Kaede’s hand from his spider. It wasn’t as if Kaede had just insulted his family or school, no that would have been different. But he had just called him arrogant, something of which he so obviously wasn’t. “Arrogant megalomaniac. Arrogant. Really, Fukatsu-kun, have I ever showed myself to be as arrogant as most of your team? Even that.. Idiot, what’s his name? Akeno? He’s far more arrogant than me.” His head rose, a sneer and an intimidation effect of trying to seem taller than Kaede. Oh, he hated Rikkai - those kids dressed like they worked at a supermarket of the damned anyway, no style.

"Whoa, whoa...take it easy." Kaede's eyes narrowed. "Jeez, you poke a little fun a guy, he unleashes hell on you. Touchy, touchy. First, you need to be a little calmer because you're freaking out the spider again with all your oh being touched by trash what the fuck attitude. Second, I never said my team wasn't arrogant. Call it part of the charm but other then the face that I love tennis and happen to play it as a team sport doesn't give me much choice, I don't give a damn so long as we win a lot and play good matches. But for politeness' sake, don't make fun of my sempai. And third, you just compared yourself to Akeno-sempai." Kaede told him matter-of-factly, his hands rising defensively in case Shozo called his ninjas to smite him. "I have no idea what your beef is with Rikkai but don't take it out on me. I just happen to go there. If my parents hadn't died, I'd still live in Tokyo and could've gone to any school in greater Kantou, including yours."

His mouth open in silent fury, and a finger raised as if to stab home a point, Shozo slowly felt the horror dawn upon him. That single hand, it’s finger raised high, soon came over his mouth to stifle whatever moan of terror would surely burst out. He had just compared himself to that Akeno idiot. He had just compared himself to someone being led by demonic influences and bright flashing red eyes. Glaring at Kaede, Shozo spoke muffled from under his cupped hand. “..you will not bring up that I compared myself to him. That was a slip of -- of tongue.” Surely.

"Safe with me." Kaede chuckled and his hands returned self-conciously into their pockets. "I didn't hear you say anything." He reaffirmed. "So. Since there's nothing else to do here and you seem preoccupied with MC there and your thoughts, I should just..." Kaede swung a foot in the opposite direction as if readying to leave. "..take off, maybe? Don't want to be a bother to you anymore then I already have, Shozo-kun." Kaede pursed his lips thoughtfully, his dark eyes carefully studying Shozo's, frozen into emergency escape position.

how is he able to make his legs do that? He’s like a giant human spider.. Shozo, hand still over his mouth, narrowed his eyes to slits and slowly tilted his head onto the warm moving pillow of sharp prickly hairs and multiple legs currently skittering over his shoulder. “If you feel as though that would be for the best.” A thought, and then, “Do you like horror movies.”

Kaede eyed him, straightening up a little. "...I'm not wild about them but I'll try anything once. Do you?" He asked, raising an eyebrow up.

Shozo turned in place, smirk happily placed upon his lips as he reached up and began stroking Mister Creepy. “Absolutely. I love them.” A tilt of his head, an invitation as it would be called, and he began his own walk back to his empty home. He wouldn’t look back to see if Kaede was following, but if he was - well, that just means that he couldn’t go into his room proper.

"Okay. I see where this is going." Kaede followed Shozo, a little ways back as they trailed through the generously parting crowd of people looking on horrifically at the hairy object waving at them on Shozo's shoulder as the said boy cooed at it warmly. "Maybe you can get me to like them huh?" Kaede said to Shozo's back.
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