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Kaede & Kenta
Rating: PG? PG13? how the heck should I know?
TimeLine: Tonight (or, last night, depending.) Thursday night
Summary: Ken gets bored and heads over to the Tall Man's. There, things get suggestive innocently amusing. *cough*

Shouldering his satchel, Kenta pulled his hood up over his head, tucking a few strands behind his ear before sneaking out into the hallway. The loud noises from the living room downstairs the hall were from his father watching the evening news, but everything else was silent. The light was on under his brother's door and Hikari was probably already asleep. He probably could have just asked to spend the night at Kae's, but then Bunta would have given him a dark look and some how convinced their father it was a bad idea.

Hopping into his shoes, he mumbled "ittekimasu" under his breath before slipping out, shutting the door silently behind him. A few years of sneaking out to play tennis or get into trouble with grade school kids in the park had perfected his technique.

Luckily, Kaede lived not too far and Kenta jogged slowly along the quiet, dark streets. It wasn't that late, so he passed a few people--mothers coming back from shopping, high school kids and businessmen. But finally he arrived, looking up at the nice, large house that Kae lived in. Kenta glanced around for a rock, but then thought better of it and reached for his phone. Who knew what Kae would do if he broke a window.

Listening to the ring, standing close to the window, he waited for Kae to pick up. "Hey. I think there's someone outside your window."

"Oh?" Kae said into his phone, putting down the book he was reading and not bothering to get up from bed. "What's he look like?" He said, in his usual light-hearted teasing tone.

"Oh, you know. Handsome, manly. Definitely one of those tough guys you hear all about. " Ken couldn't keep from grinning, looking up at the dimly lighted glass above him. "You should probably let him in. He doesn't like to wait around in the cold." His eyes strayed to the rose trellis and he poked at it. Maybe sturdy enough. "Or open the window, Juliet."

"...I don't know anyone by that description. If you happen to be out there, kill him for me, will you? I can't afford to have my good name marred." Kaede said as he stood up and peeked out the window. "Hey, Kencho...ran away from home? What a little delinquent. Hang on, I'll open the door." He said, padding down the carpeted stair of their large western-style house.

"Yeah, all by myself and everything." he called up before moving toward the front door. He tugged almost awkwardly on his sweater, eyeing the front of the house. Nice, western influenced, big. Though, with four little girls and a giant, it had to be.

", you thought you'd be a bad boy and try it out, hm? Baa and Jii are asleep and the four girls are too." Kaede led him into the kitchen and pulled out some drinks and snacks for them both to bring up to his room. "Come on, I'll let you see my room. And contrary to what you might be thinking, it's not filled with turtles on the shelves, nor is it green. But I have a TMNT comforter." He pushed open the door of his room.

"Hey, nice place.." Kenta followed Kae around, looking around. For being at the whims of four girls, the house was quite nice. He glanced at the snacks and grinned--not too sweet. "Really?" Chuckling, he tossed his bag on the ground and jumped on the bed. "Hahaa! Nice. Do you have matching Pj's with footies?" Grinning, he sprawled out, making himself perfectly at home.

"Nah...I grew out of them pretty quick." Kaede said nonchalantly. "But hey, I bet you can fit into them fine." He patten Kenta's head. "So what do you want to do now? You're here, I should entertain you. We've got games, t.v....but it might be a little too loud. Pool's outside. Water should be nice. Or we could be like girls and have, like, a slumber party." Kaede said, mimicking the high pitch of some of his classmates. "We could tell ghost stories in our underwear and like, have a pillow fight before falling into a slow, tentative, awkward kiss." Kaede sighed dramatically, laying the back of his hand against his forehead. "But we're men." He puffed his chest out and burst out laughing at the look on Kenta's face.

Moving out from under Kae's hand, he watched Kae, brows furrowed. Obviously he was on something. Something that should never, ever be redistributed. "Fan of the girls, eh?" He tried to hit Kaede with his own pillow, annoyed at his obnoxious laughter. Not to mention the thought of kissing was.. well... something he didn't need to think about. "While acting like your cousins sounds truly enjoyable, let's go swimming first. Then I'll do your make up."

"Two steps ahead of you." Kaede took the two strides, stripping his t-shirt off because he was already wearing boardshorts and opened his window, hopping onto the ledge (2 stories up!) and onto the roof. Then taking another stride for better aim, he spread his arms over the his head and jumped headfirst, into the deep end of the pool below. Coming to the surface, he poked his head out, pulling his hair from his face. "Your turn!" He gestured to Kenta.

"......" Kenta struggled out of his shirt and pants, a little shy in his rather small swim trunks. They were perfect for swimming laps to decrease water resistance and all that, but he hadn't remember how tight they were. He stuck his head out the window, eyes wide. Kae expected him to do what exactly? "Are you insane??" Trying to keep his voice at a loud whisper, he stuck a leg out of the window, latching onto the frame. He hadn't intended to put his life on the line. "There's no way I'm doing that, you freak!"

....who in the world wore speedos nowadays? Kaede mused to himself. They just weren' "I you think I am? I think I am...but I figure you only live once." He called and gestured for him to come already. "It's not that high and it's plenty deep so you won't bang your head. Anyway, I'm taller and I'm fine. You won't die." He grinned reassuringly. "You can always take the fire escape ladder, if you're scared." He pointed to the wall of the house where there was an iron ladder.

"I am not scared! Just.. not in the mood to die." Kenta sighed. If he backed down now, Kae would never drop it. On the other hand, he wouldn't risk cracking his head open. But it wasn't like him to chicken out, so with a deep breath, Kenta climbed out onto the ledge and the roof, trying not to look down. Noticing the ground was very far away, he got a running start and jumped before he lost his nerve, closing his eyes as he crashed into the water.

Kaede cheered when Kenta just did it, clapping his hand when the boy emerged, sputtering. "Nice! Very, very nice, my friend." He patted the boy on the back before turning to float on his back. "See? Not so bad. You devil, you." He tilted his head back and floated like that for a while, just enjoying the company and the water.

Coughing and sputtering, Kenta shot him a dirty look. He tread water for a few moments, catching his breath and willing his heart beat to calm down. Seeing from where he had jumped and how high it seemed really didn't help. "I hope you don't make your little cousins do that.." He swam about, waiting for his body to get used to the warmish water before splashing at Kae a bit. "It's pretty warm."

"I turned on the heater a bit when I heard you were coming." Kaede told him, paddling in circles around the other boy before swimming to the edge and pulling an inflatable raft into the water and pushing it at Kenta. "Here. Make yourself at home." He said, kicking off from one end of the pool and into a few power laps, strong strides to hit each end before flipping and making his way to the other end.

"How considerate." Rolling his eyes slightly, he shoved the raft out of his way before diving down. He liked swimming deep, running his fingers along the bottom of the pool, feeling the pressure in his ears change. It wasn't very useful in any kind of normal swimming, but he had never had the endurance to swim competitively anyways. Looking up, he could see Kae swimming across the water, the night lights reflecting sporadically across the water. Even as his lungs were hurting, he waited for the perfect moment before pushing off and shooting up. Kicking quickly, he sped to the surface and latched onto Kae's ankles, trying not to laugh and choke himself.

"That's me, a gentleman." Kaede laughed and went under, hooking his legs around Kenta's to drag him down too. If they had to drown then it had to be together. Laughing and splashing Kenta once they reached the surface, Kaede sat on the steps and leaned back, letting the water wash over himself. "Mmm...water feels nice tonight. So, you had to escape the zany Marui household?"

Damn Kaede and his height. Ken was no match against those giraffe legs. Splashing back with a scowl as Kae retreated to the steps, he floated around a little before swimming over. "Yeah. It just is too much sometimes. Besides, its much more fun here." He moved to sit next to Kae for a moment, looking up at the sky. It had been much too long since he had last gone swimming. Glancing over, he grinned and smacked Kae on the stomach. "You're it!" he grinned before launching himself into the water and racing off.

"I don't want to be it." Kaede took a beach ball and aimed it, beaning Kenta on the head and laid his head back in the water. "i'm lazy...and I'm pruning. Hey, the jacuzzi looks filled, wanna go chill there?" He offered, leaving the pool and kicking the switch on. "Oh man, I can't remember the last time I had a girl in there." He said, cheekily. "Well, you'll just have to do." Kaede slid in and leaned back against the pounding of the jets.

Ow. Beach ball. Glaring from the deep end, Kenta swam around in circles, considering. He was starting to get a little cold and the jacuzzi did sound real good. Only.. "As long as you frickin remember that I'm a guy, maybe I'll join you." Climbing out, he padded quickly across the pavement, starting to shiver. Climbing in, he sat against another jet, almost purring at the warmth. "Aah~ much better."

"Such a fucking pansy, sometimes, I swear." Kaede chuckled and folded his arms under his head, letting the heat seep into his skinny muscles. Thin people did get cold rather easily. "So...I'm guessing now that you find yourself at home in my uncle's house, you'll be here more often? But you have to play with the girls too because I'm not going to babysit one extra kid." He smirked and closed his eyes.

"Punkass." Ken nudged him with a foot, sinking lower into the water until it covered his shoulders. "As long as theres an open invitation, sure. And as long as the girls dress you up and not me, I'll play nice." He watched Kae out of one eye, shifting around to let the warmth sink in all over.

"They really don't. They like to imagine and they like to run around and swim and whatever." Kaede crossed his arms over his chest. "And you have to do half my chores." He snickered.

"Half your frickin chores? Yeah right." Kenta blinked as a thought suddenly crossed his mind. "Ne. When you broke your back, did they operate? Do you have onna those big scars? It cant be that bad, right?" Something so devastating fascinated Ken. How could someone go through all that and still survive? Still play sports and grow up and all that.

"I...thankfully, it wasn't that bad, even though it hurt a lot. I got away with a dislocated tailbone and a few days of thinking I'd never be able to walk again...but I was out of there in a week. On crutches." Kaede told him. "No tailbone's pretty crooked though." He reached around to feel for it. "Yeah, here. I can feel it. Gimme your hand." He reached out and grabbed Kenta's hand and pulled him close, planting it against the spot where the end of his spine leaned to the right at an alarming angle. "Feel it?" He asked, grinning right into Kenta's face.

Kenta swallowed, hard. Kae's tailbone did indeed have a pretty crooked angle, but his attention was elsewhere. Kae's skin was smooth and the water was warm and for some reason, he couldn't remember how to breathe. Licking his lips a little nervously, he nodded once, wondering if he was blushing. Probably. Shifting a little, he braced a hand against Kae's shoulder, not sure if he was pushing away or keeping himself from falling forward. "Y..yeah... It's.. uhm... weird."

Kaede nodded. "And they had me do a little therapy to make sure I wasn't going to crack it all over again but you know.." He shrugged and loosened his grip on Kenta. "Is the water too hot? I can turn it down." He said, his voice a little lower then usual. "You're bright red." Kaede pointed out, his finger gently poking one of Kenta's cheek. "Weird."

"'s...." His hand was released and he tried to pull it back, but it only slid across Kae's skin, coming to rest on his hip. It was too hot, but the water had nothing to do with it. "I'm not.. " Biting his lip slightly, he tried to formulate words or thoughts to somehow explain the tightness in his chest. But there was nothing. "I uhm..."

"Mm. Not what?" Kaede cajoled, pulling Kenta closer and running his fingers over the other boy's cheek. "Been a while since I've been in this sure? Because I think I want to kiss you." He told Kenta matter of factly.

Kenta's breath caught in his throat and he turned his head slightly, away from the fingers that burned his skin. "Then..." He leaned forward slowly, watching him intently until the last moment when his lips brushed awkwardly across Kae's.

Kaede couldn't help but smile and practically pull Kenta on his lap and return the kiss, steadying Kenta's face with his hands and letting his tongue trace the damp edges of the boy's lips. He'd have to remember to take this one slow, if it was going anywhere at all. Kenta tasted nice, like sugar and pool water...not to mention, he was deliciously amateur at this kissing business. Made it more interesting.

Kenta latched onto Kae's shoulders, gripping tightly to keep his hands from trembling. He tried to move his lips properly, but he couldn't quite figure out how to breathe and kiss at the same time. And he really, really wanted to see what Kae looked like when he kissed. Leaning closer with a soft sound from his throat, he followed Kae's lead before biting down softly on his bottom lip.

Jesus. This was really doing it. He gone done it now, Kaede thought, but he couldn't stop...not when it felt this good. He wrapped his arms around Kenta and kissed his chin, letting his tongue linger a little against the wet skin. Then pausing for breath, he pulled away, regarding Kenta seriously. "...I don't want you to drown...we should go inside." Kaede told him with a little kiss on the side of his neck. The position they were in was as compromising at it got but slow. Slow was good. Slow would be perfect for the both of them.

"Mm... yeah.. inside." Kenta was pretty certain he was going to faint real soon. He felt like some grade school girl, flushed and nervous but he couldn't help twitching every place Kae touched him. It felt so good that it hurt. But the nervous energy in his chest wouldn't let him stop and this was Kaede, who he could trust and who's kiss he wanted to further explore. "We'll have to hurry..." He turned his face against Kae's jaw, breathing softly against wet skin. "It'll be cold..."

"Not to mention you aren't exactly...covered up." Kaede stepped out and pulled Kenta out of the jacuzzi, watching the bubbles fizzle out as he shut it off and retrieved two towels from a cabinet nearby, one which he wrapped around Kenta's waist and another around his shoulders, kissing his forehead in passing and ushering him inside, up the stairs and it was so dark, kissing became braver.

Kenta started to dry his hair, fumbling with the towel as he tried to keep at least one hand on Kaede at all times. He gave up at the top of the stairs, letting the towel fall as he tugged Kae close by the shoulders. Even through the chlorine, Kae tasted spicy and mature. Encouraged by willowy hands, Kenta worried less and less about how to go about kissing and focused more on how much he wanted it.

Kaede pinned him to the wall, breathing in the sugary damp of his hair and tracing nice, tone muscle with his fingers, down his shoulders and arms, along the Kenta's torso. Picking up the towel and finishing off drying his hair out. He pushed Kenta into his room and didn't bother turning on the light, tossing the towel into his laundry basket and pulling him flush against his body as he leaned against his door. Then with a grin, he pushed Kenta away and stripped, a little light from outside, outlining the skinny line of his body and he pulled on a pair of pajama bottoms, tossing the top at Kenta, in case he didn't bring sleeping clothes and flopped into bed, beckoning for the other boy to join him.

There it was again. The utter inability to breathe. He was being pulled and pushed like a puppet and he couldn't do anything about it--Kae just stripped him of his devices. But then Kaede was really stripping and Kenta blushed, eyes moving over the contours of hips and knobby knees that had pressed against him only moments before. Gripping the shirt tightly, he looked toward Kae before taking a deep breath. He had to calm down. Regaining some composure, he moved to rummage through Kae's clothes, pulling out a pair of shorts. Casting him a shy glance, he peeled out of his suit before yanking on the shorts and the shirt. Ken had to roll the shorts and the sleeves a bit before walking slowly over and crawling in next to Kae.

His laugh was a little loud and maybe it bounced off the walls but he pushed Kenta down and kissed him lazily, his hands smoothing over the skin he could touch under the loose pajama top he'd lent the boy. Reaching up to turn the slow rock on low, he kissed Kenta's shoulder and his neck, his cheek and his lips and his forehead before curling against his side, his head slightly on Kenta's chest and tapped his fingers to the beat of the bass kind of wafting around the room with the last of the incense he'd lit earlier in the afternoon and closed his eyes.

Eyes sliding shut, Kenta breathed slow and deep, arms wrapped around Kaede's shoulders and fingers curling into his wet hair. He hummed at the kisses, nearly snickering as the music was turned on. "Smooth rock, mm..?" He blinked, looking down as he splayed his hands against skinny shoulders. He wondered, faintly, what in the hell was he doing and since when did Kaede suddenly become something so much more than a simple tennis team mate? "You falling asleep on me?"

"Can't sleep without it on." Kaede admitted. "Hells yeah. You're soft like a girl." He teased, even though Kenta really wasn't. He was a guy and he saw that he was, just now, right? "Hey, otherwise, I'd put on the heavy metal but I thought I'd be polite, you know? Complaining, are you? in my house?" He smirked.

Kenta glared, pinching his shoulder viciously. "Not a girl." He curled up a little, leaning his cheek against Kae's hair. "I'll complain all I want, since I'm suddenly your new favorite pillow." The music was.. different, but Kenta liked it just because it was strange and something unique to Kaede. Closing his eyes, he let himself relax some, rather comfortable sharing the bed (he was used to it). But, this was quite a bit different from Hikari climbing in at night after a nightmare. "Uhm... this.... this isn't going to get uhm awkward.. right?"

"YOW. God, so pissy...I'll prolly roll off you later in the night." Kaede assured. "You going to make it awkward? We're friends. And if it gets uncomfortable...we stop. That's it. You tell me and I'll back off." Kaede remarked.

"Mmm... You can tell me to back off, too.." He ran a thumb over the skin he had pinched, curling up a little tighter. The uncertainty of it was a little scary, but worth it. He could handle the bad if the good made him feel like this. "Dont roll off. Just.. stay."
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