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RP Log

This can also be continued in LJ posts. kthx

Rating: PG (Nanjiroh is in it >/)
Characters: Ryoma and his daddeh
Timeline: First day of Seigaku practice

The morning started as every other morning did. Ryoma heard the sound of the alarmclock, but couldn't really bring himself to poke his head above the cover and reach out to turn it of. Karupin lay nuzzled directly across his behind and didn't even stir as the alarm went of, merely purred a little in his sleep. Ryoma muttered something less inteligent and crawled deeper into the safety of his bed cave.

He would have safety in his bed. If it wasn't for his dear old man. Who decided it was the perfect time to make his sons world come crashing down. "Boy! Wake up. I don't tolerate people arriving late to practice." Be afraid. He wasn't even dressed as his monk-like self. He had...pants on...and an actual shirt. The world was coming to an end!

Ryoma groggily sat up, glaring at Nanjiroh underneath heavy eyelids. "Get lost", he said not so very politely, turned around and lay down on the bed again, back facing his father.

"Boy. Get up, or you can walk to school." Nanjiroh grumbled a bit. He doubted anyone would even believe that he was the coach. "Look. I promised that old bag, that nothing will go wrong. " What else could he do. Ryoma probably wasnt paying attention. "I'll just tell your teammates about your stuffed elephant."

He would do what?! Ryoma threw the cover away, standing up straight in his bed, causing poor Karupin to bounce down on the floor with a perplexed "meow". "My what?!" Ryoma screamed. "Don't you dare! Who would believe you anyway?" He glared at Nanjiroh, fists clenched, but the intimidating stance became less intimidating due to his very pouty expression. Ryoma actually looked absolutely adorable. Slowly his father's words registered in Boy Wonder's sleep muddled brain. "Wait... What did you promise Ryuzaki-sensei...?"

Nanjiroh was off in his own world now. "What do you call that thing. Mister Snuffles. Something like that." How long would it take Ryoma to realize that he was not dressed like a perverted monk. " know she has to stay off her feet and can't be in the sun for long periods of time. Seigaku is out of a coach"

"Mr Sniffles. Not Mr Snuffles." And exactly why did he bother correcting the old loser was beyond him, but somehow Ryoma always managed to lose his cool whenever Nanjiroh was concerned. He got of the bed and found a pair of briefs in his cupboard and then he grabbed his practice outfit from a chair standing close to the bed. "So... You are gonna coach us huh? I knew it..." Why couldn't he just lie down and die right here? That would be better. Much better. He threw Nanjiroh a glace. "Nice outfit, Old Man..."

"What....isnt this what coaches wear? Your mother picked it out. I think it was some kind of punishment." He waved a hand at Ryoma. "I promise I wont embarass you my packing Mister Sniffles in your bag or anything." (tag)

"Do that and I'll kill you", Ryoma promised, walking towards the shower. This was going to be a long, long day...Later he got out of the shower, all dressed. He walked downstairs and grabbed a sandwich and two bottles of milk that he scarfed down in no time. His bag on his shoulder and his cap over his eyes, he made his way towards the car.

"Of course, boy. " He would just do something equally as evil. But, first when he got there he was going to challenge all of the regulars to a match. To prove a point, of course. "Just so you know. I'm not your father when I'm your coach." (tag)

: "Sounds good to me. If only the others didn't have know that we're related. They'll kill me. Arai'll laugh his ass of, and Momo's gonna have a stroke... Please try and act like a normal human being when you're there, huh?"

: "Ah yes. I talked to your buchou. I dont think he realizes who I am yet. Maybe I should put on a hat and some sunglasses." Jeez, was Ryoma embarassed of his dear old man? He should be proud of his tennis legend father!

"That would really make you look weird", Ryoma muttered. "But yeah, you could do that..." He pulled the cap over his eyes, frowning. "This whole idea is stupid..."

Nanjiroh actually frowned at that. "Look. She threatened to show I had to say yes. Besides...why wouldn't I be a good coach?"

Ryoma shot him a glance, then shrugged. "You're too weird", he replied. "You'll freak everyone out. And I don't think Momo-senpai likes you."

"How does that anything to do with anything." Nanjiroh pulled up to the school and folded his arms over his chest. "I know about tennis. I've never lost a match. It doesn't matter if you think I'm weird or not!"

Ryoma had his hands behind his head and his eyes closed, taking a few moments of rest before having to face the rest of the world. "Fine. Whatever." He wanted to go home so badly...
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