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Ashiwara Keisuke

[RP log] [Ashiwara, Akeno]

characters ; Keisuke Ashiwara, Akeno Matsuda-Reeves
rating ; G
time frame ; After this comment thread in response to this post, on the 24th March.
summary ; This is really very pointless, but so are teenaged boys. Akeno gets drooled on. This is all you need to know.

It was a nice day.

The sky was a brilliant blue, clouds scattered scarce across it, neither too hot nor too cold. Spring was well and truly in the air. Too bad that few people took the time to appreciate it.

Ashiwara Keisuke bounced leisurely down the path, huge canvas schoolbag over his shoulder and a shopping bag clutched in his hand. He'd made a not-exactly-quick detour to the supermarket to pick up chips - as per their agreement - before making his way to the old, semi-deserted street tennis courts, still wearing his school uniform. The sleeves of his overly large jumper fell past his wrists, the hem sitting folded and baggy around his hips. Even the pants were a tad too long.

It was comfortable. Rikkai could deal with it - especially since he was going to be intruding on Keisuke's own home ground. Never mind that it was at his invitation. He scowled and swung his bag at the thought. Rikkai had better not have stood him up, or he'd have to kill him.

"Yo." Akeno blew at the back of Keisuke's neck, walking quickly past before the other boy could take a swing at him. His opponent was easy enough to spot since the kid was the only Hyoutei student in the entire place. "Did you wait long Keipi-chan?" He dropped the heavy tennis bag from his shoulder to the ground, stretching his arms a little, before turning around to get a good at the other boy with sparkling blue eyes. Short, skinny, and girly were the first things that came to mind. Just what he expected from the long comment battle they had. "Ready to lose?"

"Ready to beat you," Keisuke grumbled as he held out the plastic bag to Akeno. "Hold this." He scowled up - Up! Stupid taller idiots - at him and swung the tennis bag off his shoulder, dropping both that and his heavy schoolbag on the ground. Then blinked. "And don't call me Keipi!"

"Why not. It suits you." Akeno grinned, lazy and slow, while sifting through the contents of the plastic bag with lazy hands. Good stuff, he approved Keisuke's choice in snacks. Turning back to his own tennis back he pulled out a thermos. "Vodka's in here. Bottle is too obvious and we don't want to get caught right?" The Hyoutei student definitely picked a good place to play, there was barely anyone in the place, probably since the courts were so old.

Keisuke made a face at Akeno's back, feeling piqued enough not to care about his (admittedly minimal) dignity. "My name is Ashiwara Keisuke. Kei-su-ke. It's not that hard a name to remember, Rikkai." He peered over Akeno's shoulder in interest, though, with wide eyes. "Do we want to get started soon?"

"Keipi-chan~ why don't you take that court ok?" Pushing the thermos into Keisuke's hand he patted the shorter boy's head. The kid was cute, in a bratty I'll gnaw your fingers off way. "Rough or smooth?" Akeno stood ready to spin the racket, tucking several strands of bleached hair behind one ear.

Keisuke snarled at him, whirling around and trying to snap at his fingers. "It's Keisuke. Freak. And lemme get changed, first. Don't look." He dragged his tennis bag and school bag to the bench and placed the thermos carefully on it. Shot an uncertain look at Akeno, tugging on the hem of his jumper, waiting for a confirmation.

"Ok ok! Fine." Akeno stuffed his hands into his pockets and turned around, lazily whistling a nameless tune. He stopped to take a breath, and a snipe at Keisuke while he was at it. "You're such a girl man. It's not like I wanna see your man boobs."

The thermos had the alcohol, so Keisuke definitely couldn't throw that. So. He skinned into his over-sized T-shirt and track pants, then reached into his tennis bag, drew out a tennis ball, and chucked it at the back of Akeno's head. "... Duck," Keisuke said helpfully, a second or two later. And smiled.

Akeno let his head fall to the side and snatched the ball from the air, turning to face his opponent. "Not very sportsman like, Hyoutei. You better have good tolerance cuz you'll be chugging that stuff!"

"Big words, Rikkai, when you've never even see me play." Keisuke wrinkled his nose at Akeno, trying to appear as dignified as possible as he hopped up and down, trying to gets socks and shoes on. Giving up, he sat down on the ground and quickly pulled them on, then bounced to his feet again. "Rough. Spin."

"Smooth." Akeno replied carelessly, not that it mattered since Keisuke already picked. Damn, he lost. "I guess it's your serve then. You'll need any advantage you can get anyway." Strolling over to one side of the court he began to hop from foot to foot, getting his muscles loose, lowering his upper body to receive the serve.

"Ready?" Keisuke asked, eyes glinting as he prepared to serve. He bounced the ball a few times, then tossed it up, stretching his body to slam the ball home.

And so it began. The set passed by a flurry of quick serves and skilful volleys, both players trying to get a point over the other. Fifteen-love, fifteen all, thirty-forty five. It seemed like a fairly evenly matched set, until Keipi managed to pull off one of his more unreliable volley shots.

Keisuke stood there, panting for a second, and stared at the motionless ball on Akeno's side of the court. "Your drink. Rikkai."

"Damn." The kid was better than he thought... Akeno stalked over to the bench by Keisuke's side of the court and took a swig, nearly coughing as he swallowed too fast. The vodka was strong and burned as it went down. "Ch. Now it's my serve!" Spots of colour began to rise up on flushed cheeks, face feeling slightly warm. His hands shook only slightly.

"Suure," Keisuke sang out delightedly, grinning mischievously. "If you think you can manage it." He bounced into position, rolled his shoulders and then settled into receiving position. "Whenever you're ready."

Akeno threw the ball into the air and slammed his racket into it as hard as he could manage, starting another series of endless volleying. Back and forth, to the net and back, both boys didn't bother holding back as the advantage shifted between them.

Despite the alcohol buzzing in his system, blue eyes were clear and when he spotted an available chance to score, Akeno executed a skilful volley. The ball hit the net and fell into Keisuke's side of the court. "My set, Keipi-chan!"

"Well, hell." Keisuke gave the ball a disgruntled look, before neatly spinning on his heel and going for the thermos. Urgh. Was it safe to drink from something Rikkai had been drinking out of? He gave the thermos a leery look, steeled himself, then took a good swig out of it.

And almost choked. Well, at least Rikkai had brought the good stuff. Keisuke made his way back to the court in a mostly straight line, cheeks already flushed bright pink. He opened his mouth, closed it, blinked, cleared his throat and tried again, finally speaking in a slightly huskier tone. "Are we playing? My serve."

"I'm ready and waiting Keipi-chan!" Akeno called over with a wave of his hand. This was also a battle of alcohol tolerance, and he was pretty sure he had an advantage in that, with Keisuke's height and build screaming light weight. But when the shorter boy served it was still so quick that Akeno had to run to return it. "Still pretty good huh?" He sliced it to the opposite side of the court and ran forward.

1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3; the sets racked up with neither of them managing to gain a marginal advantage. Every time one of them was one set ahead the other caught up. And so did the alcohol.

"Why are there so many balls..?" Akeno spun to return one, blinking when they bounced past him. "Hey..." Brows furrowing he stumbled back to serve. Only to turn around and see two Keisuke's! "No fair! This is a one on one man's battle!"

"Right!" Keisuke agree brightly, deciding that he'd had enough of this entire standing business and Rikkai wasn't that great either and he really needed to sit down. He landed on his backside with a thump and grinned up at Akeno. "So I win. Because you're not a man. Drink!"

By that time, the thermos had migrated to standing besides the pole supporting the net. Keisuke waved his tennis racquet towards it, ignoring the ball that made its uncertain flight far over his head and into the fence.

"You didn't drink that ball... so you gotta hit from the thermos!" Did what he just said make sense? Akeno was too drunk to care. Walking unevenly towards the thermos he snatched it up, then stumbled over to where Keisuke was sitting. "Here! Be a man and take a big drink!" His cheeks were flushed as he sloshed the open container, managing to spill some on himself before flomping down next to the Hyoutei player.

"Don't wanna," Keisuke slurred mulishly, taking the thermos despites his words. He paused for a second and tilted his head consideringly, staring into the thermos like it contained the universe's secrets. "Drink, that is. Not be a man. Maybe." He punctuated his uncertain point by taking a swig. "'Cause. I said so. Uh huh. I win, by the way."

"Nope, I won." Akeno grabbed the thermos and emptied it down his throat, tossing it to the side when he was done. It seemed he didn't bring enough for the both of them. And for a moment he was distracted by the sight of it rolling away, blue eyes unfocused, before turning his head back to Keisuke to emphasise his point. "I won. It's obvious. You're just drunk so you can't tell."

"I win!" Keisuke scowled at him and waved his hands threateningly at... all three of the Akeno. His eyes crossed as he tried to focus on the middle one who kept popping in and out of existence, damn him! That wasn't fair. "And you cheated. Cheated badly. Like a cheap rug!" He nodded his head emphatically, body tilting forward with the action.

"And how do cheap rugs cheat? All they do is lay there and take it!" Akeno felt the Hyoutei player's body press against his side and fell backward, too drunk to keep his balance. The sandy court made his skin itch where the dirt got between his shirt and shorts. "Ugh. You're heavy get off. And lose some weight." He was getting drowsy.

"Mean!" Face set in an uncertain scowl, Keisuke tried to beat at Akeno with his fists - missing more than he succeeding and rather weakly at best. "'M staying here. Right here. But you're too bony to be comfortable." There were too many Akeno and they all kept avoiding his punches. It wasn't fair. "You rug!"

"I'm fine being a rug as long as I don't have to move..." Tennis and alcohol didn't mix. Akeno was so tired he could barely lift his arm to deliver a well-deserved smack to Keisuke's stomach. "And if I suffocate in my sleep Rikkai will kick your ass. Revenge you know." Allowing his head to fall to the side, the sandy court digging into his cheek, he glanced around to find the place empty. No help to be had, might as well nap. Letting his eyes fall shut, Akeno let out a long sigh and closed his eyes.

Keisuke kicked weakly in protest but let his body slump forward - only so that his mouth was equal with Akeno's shoulder and he could bite down. "Mmrph mmrr," he said indignantly, if incoherently. "Mrrrgle mrph!"

And with that said, Keisuke decided that Akeno had one thing right and that it was time for a nap. Not letting up on Akeno's shoulder, he let his eyes slide shut. Even if Akeno was bony, he was better than nothing - and Keisuke so preferred being on top.

Several hours later

Keisuke's head hurt.

This was the first fact that he became aware of in the murky and laboured swim to consciousness. But that fact deserved the respect of several moments consideration and pondering.

The next was his mouth felt exceptionally dry and cottony. A few more moments observation and the reason for this became apparent - he had quite a nice section of drool soaked cotton in his mouth. Cotton belonging to a t-shirt. T-shirt belonging to a certain Rikkai player. A certain Rikkai player who was currently acting as both bed and pillow.

A few minutes ticked past as Keisuke pondered this.

Then, very calmly, he said, "Gah." And scrambled away, limbs flailing every which way. He paused to take stock a few feet away, staring at Akeno's still comatose body. ... This was bad. This was very bad. And Shozo was going to kill him.

Doing the smart thing - which Keisuke sometimes did, mainly by accident - he decided to take the manly way out. And run out on Akeno before he woke up and hopefully never mention this again.

But he took the time to drape Akeno's discarded jacket over him as a blanket, then scurried away.
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