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RP Log - Ashiwara Keipi-chin and Fukatsu Kae-tan (Hyotei and Rikkai)

Dated: Right after this series of comments.
Summary: Kaede sets off for Tokyo to meet Keisuke and is sadly kouhai'd (and they aren't even from the same school!) into submission. They bond over turtles, ice cream and mock violence. No more piggy back rides for you after this! xD Also another transcribed log. I've included a couple of doodles, just for fun. :3
Rating: G

....So he didn't really have to climb out the window because suddenly the house was quiet and Kaede knew the girls had been made to nap. He had grabbed his stuff and ran for it, a quick farewell and don't wait up for him made to his uncle and he was out of there and on the train, headed for Tokyo.

As planned, Keisuke was waiting on the platform, blowing his hair from his face in an effort to entertain himself when Kaede stumbled out of train and stretched the kinks from his long legs and waved at the older boy as he leaped up from his bendy stretch and tried not to laugh at the indignant look on Keisuke's face.

Kaede dug around his jacket pocket and produced a fresh box of chocolate Pocky he'd gotten at the train station before he left. "Peace offering? I swear, it's not poisoned..."

Keisuke eyed him before patting Kaede's elbow. "That's okay, Kae-tan. You're too young to know better." He said, sagely, trying to look as old as he could.

There was a bit of silence before Kaede broke into a cheeky grin, reaching up to run his hands through his hair.

Keisuke made a face at him. "....let me introduce you to Kazuto-senpai. He'll teach you respect towards your elders. Make sure you listen to eeeeeeeverything he tells you." The Hyotei student peered up at him innocently.

"I never listen to whatever people tell me but ok~" Kaede indulged.

"Senpai will love you. Really." Keisuke insisted.

...why was this guy to bent on pimping him to his sempai or vice-versa? "Yeah I know about him. He loves everyone apparently." Kaede tried not to cringe.

"He likes them tall, too." Keisuke nodded his head enthusiastically. "Ohtori-senpai is in danger. So, you can distract Kazuto-senpai from him!" He finished, as if that was the solution to saving Ohtori-san at all.

"Erm...are you selling me to your sempai, you pimp?"


"Brilliant!...it won't work." Kaede turned on his heel and began walking toward the station exit.

The smaller boy huffed a little to keep up and then launched himself at Kaede. "You'll like him! He... he's very smiley?" He tried.

"Hm...my sempai are smiley too," Kaede argued, stretching a bit more once they made it out onto the busy street.

"...mine has blue hair?" Keisuke tried. "... I'll give you a hundred yen if you take him to Rikkai and keep him." Money. Money always worked!

Kaede paused and turned to look at Keisuke. " It's going to cost you a lot more then that, little Carebear. 100 yen? Pfft, can't even buy a One Piece figurine from a vending machine. and...I always get Chopper. Never Zoro...augh." For three seconds there, he looked lost in a mental argument with himself, as if it would also decide the outcome of the world.

Keisuke paused and considered this. "... two hundred yen? Come on. He's um. um. ... He buys us food, sometimes?" He tried. Kaede looked like he could eat a lot and who could turn down free food?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Kaede whirled around and faced him, ignoring the weird looks of people as he pointed one long finger right at the boy's forehead. "Ok...if you can reach up and kiss my forehead, I'll think about it. But you can't because you're short." He smirked and waited for the reaction.

Keisuku froze and eyed the finger pointed at his forehead before smacking it away and dashing a little forward to kick the taller boys's knees. He was going to go down. DOWN like the Berlin Wall!...but...Kaede was only looking at him funny...huh?

"Er...why are you kicking kids younger then you?" Kaede let out, amused.

Keisuke growled and jumped up and down. "... get down before I make you?" He demanded.

"Make me what?" Kaede teased.

Keisuke flailed and growled before he ATTACKED Kaede...pokemon-style! But in true Keipimon style, he wobbled when Kaede sidestepped and was going to get his nose smashed on the pavement if Kaede didn't grab the back of his t-shirt and right him. "Easy. I don't want to be accused of murder." Kaede said, helpfully brushing Keisuke off.

"Down, boy." Hyotei scowled and his mouth dropped a little bit when Kaede backed away comically, shifting his step to follow him menacingly. Kaede moved a little and Keisuki advanced, shouldering his tennis bag a little so it wouldn't ruin his balance. No one escaped him! He could almost feel the maniacle glint in his eyes. ...WHAT was that Rikkai whistling? He grumbled and pulled his weapon of choice from his tennis bag. And then...ATTACK! Keisuke chased after Kaede, waving his racket in the air, the weapon making a chilling sound as it whooshed through the air.

Keisuke could hold in the matching manical laughter as he ran after Kaede who sprinted through the crowd, calling out apologies and excuse mes and get out of the ways.

"DAMN YOUR LONG LEGS." Keisuke shouted and threw his racket, watching in horror as it flew right at Kaede's head, a quick lightning bolt of relief shooting through him when the taller boy dodged and then panic again when the precious, precious thing bounced off a metal power pole and clattered into the ground.

"EEEK. MY RACQUET." Keisuku mourned, frozen in horror.

Kaede tripped and barely caught himself, twisting his body artfully before landing on his butt. "Owww..." He let himself, getting up and dusting off his ass before picking the racket back up and bringing it to Keisuke who let out a sigh of relief after some frantic examination and then patting Kaede's elbow. " ...You're a good kid." He said, clutching his racket happily.

Kaede beamed. "I know! You see? Give me a chance~" He laughed.

Keisuke patted him more. "I won't feed you to senpai, then. Too bad. If you kicked him, he'd go flying." He sighed dramatically.

"I'll meet him and be nice about it." Kaede shrugged and crossed his arms over his chest, looking down at Keisuke.

"... do you have to be nice?" Keisuku said wistfully, staring more at his racket then at Kaede.

"What did you want me to be? I can be mean again." Kaede offered generously.

"Be mean to senpai, not me." Keisuke looked alarmed and began to edge away.

Kaede stuck his bottom lip out. "Wasn't planning to mean to you..."

Keisuke edged back and grabbed Kaede's wrist. "Hm. I'll buy you ice cream and tell you who to kick at Hyoutei?" He announced and dragged Kaede to the nearby ice cream scooperie, the one being dragged with little time to say ok. Orders were made and they had to wade through a sudden crowd of pre-schoolers all wanting a cone before making it safely outside.

"HOORAY!" Kaede cheered as they popped free onto the street and happily licked his mango ice cream with strawberry syrup and marshmallows and sprinkles as they found a bench to sit on. To Keisuke's horror, he dug through his jacket pockets and came up with a ketchup packet like the kind you get in fastfood stores and squirted some ketchup on it.

Keisuke gaped and looked increasingly nauseated, ignoring Kaede's thanks. "You're welcome...ketchup?" He said, weakly, watching Kaede scarf the ice cream down in bites instead of licking it like normal people. He cringed more when Kaede looked at him questioningly like ketchup on ice cream was perfectly natural and then to add more grief to the situation, generously covered one side with more ketchup.

"S'good." Kaede told him around bites while Keisuke huddled over his own ice-cream protectively. "I'll take your word for it." He replied with a small shudder.

"Hm...maybe with vanilla...nah, that goes better with wasabi...too bad they didn't have garlic flavor today..." Kaede peered back at the store.

Keisuke gagged. "... you should take Shozo out for garlic ice cream!" He said suddenly.

"...maybe when he's in a better mood. It's great stuff and goes well with a nice pizza after." Kaede shared.

"... garlic pizza?" Keisuke faltered and then watched as Kaede polished his ice cream off and then marched back to the store, disappearing inside and coming back out with a scoop of red and what looked like peanut butter flavor. "Mm...tomato...did you want pizza?"

"... because... it goes with... tomato... icecream....?" Keisuke said faintly, licking his ice cream as if to comfort himself with normalcy.

"...why...yes, actually."

" ... ew."

Kaede finally sensed the unease and sat nearer. "....um....strawberry crepe?" He offered the crepe he bought along with his second ice cream to Keisuke.

"... is there ketchup on it?" Keisuke glared at it suspiciously.

"...no. I promise. I should've warned you about my ah...occasional eating preferances." Kaede apologized.

"... what else do you like to eat?" Keisuke took the crepe and sniffed at it.

"Um...snails. Ever eaten french food?" Kaede picked snails because it was weird but not uncommon...he could've said he'd tried other weird things too but he was asian...there wasn't too many weird flavors he couldn't get used to.

"... French bread?" Keisuke perked up.

"...okay. I like french bread sandwiches." Kaede offered.

"... with frogs in the middle?"

"....yeah sometimes...why? With lettuce and some oil and vinegar it's great." Kaede said, lost in his taste memory again.

"... you would get along with Shozo. He has an obsession with frogs. He thinks that everyone is one." Keisuky said cheerfully.

"I eat frogs. I like turtles betterl" Kaede countered.

"... turtle isn't bad...." Keisuke'd eaten it at some dinner they had once after opera viewing in school. Damned requirements. "There has to be some twist to this."

"...no I just like turtles. See?" Kaede turned and showed him a little plastic figurine of Squirt from Finding Nemo hanging from his phone.

Keisuke patted Kaede's elbow gently, trying to look like a good sempai. "I'll take you to the aquarium one day, kay?"

"I like the aquarium!" Kaede grinned. "You're a nice sempai." He allowed himself to say.

Keisuke preened a little. "I know!"

"...here's a present." Kaede unsnapped the turtle plush hanging from his wallet chain.

"Aww." Keisuke hugged it and patted Kaede again. "You're a good boy. You should come join Hyoutei. I'll even beat up Kazuto-senpai for you."

"...but I dun wanna. I want to beat Kiri-Kiri-buchou and make him cry a lot. And I wanna beat you Hyotei!" The taller boy said, waving a hand at him.

Keisuke growled at him. "You might be tall, but I'm older and more experienced and better! So, nyah~" He stuck his tongue out up at Kaede.

"You're cute." Kaede laughed.

Keisuke patted him yet again, rather fondly this time. "Baby." He stood and brushed his front off. "I'll show you on the courts." He mock-snarled at Kaede.

"Sure show me...I dun mind." Kaede grinned, not moving.

Keisuke pointed at him with the turtle plush. "You and me! On the courts! SHOWDOWN." He announced a challenge.

Kaede stared up at him and then flopped across the bench they'd been sitting on. "I'm so lazy..." While Keisuke kept his pose solid and grumbled, "...you suck." And Kaede let out a fake snore just to be disgusting.

Keisuke drew his arm back to throw the turtle at Kaede's face but stopped mid-throw, hugging it to his chest instead. Then sizing up the situation, he leaped onto the bench and sat on the Kaede. "WAKE UP." He demanded.

Kaede oof'd and opened his eyes. "...wow, you're light."

"... I'm a boy." Keisuke looked horrified. "Boys aren't light." He bounced a little on Kaede's lap. "Let's go play tennis!"

".....but we play tennis every day. I'm LAZY." Kaede slumped.

Keisuke slumped on top of him, wearily. "Laaaaaaaaazy. If you eat all that ice cream and don't do exercise, you'll get fat." He warned.

"I never get fat." Kaede reasoned. "I've only grown upwards my whole life..." He patted Keisuke's head.

Keisuke snapped at his hand half-heartedly. "You need cushioning. Your bones are painful. You should be a better cushion."

"I'm sorry I'm so bony..." Kaede apologized, still not getting up.

Keisuke made a face. "I'll feed you! We can fatten you up!"

Kaede muttered. "You're like...badder then Marui-san..."

"Who's that?" Keisuku tilted his head.

"Marui Bunta. He's a sempai...played doubles...has enough energy to light the whole of Kanagawa, I think. But you're relentle--are you flirting with me? Because I like you and all but yanno..." Kaede smirked.

Keisuke all but caved and then whispered. "... ew. No. I don't like people. You're a good boy, but. Ew. People."

Kaede burst out laughing. "I was kidding!. Anyway. I don't bottom." He smirked and gestured at where he was being sat on by the other guy.

Keipi calmly smacked Kaede. "Bad Kae-tan. I think your senpai would eat me if I made a move on you, anyway. I know Shozo would kill you."

Kaede rubbed the spot that'd been smacked. "Ow...Shozo and me would get along ok, I think...and my sempai wouldn't eat you. They don't care about me much anyhow." He shrugged.

"Akeno." Keisuke pointed out, absently patting Kaede. "R2 is scary. And they're your senpai, how can they not? Shozo would eat you just because you're Rikkai. Not that Rikkai are, like, tastier, or something. Maybe he'd just feed you to Misuta Kuriipi."

"Akeno-sempai only uses me for shade and free transport...and um...like...a lookout." Kaede said cheerfully. " And this is </i>Rikkai</i>. It's like military school only more spoiled and with better looking people."

"I go to Hyoutei, everyone's a stuck up bastard with more money than morals!" Keisuke said cheerfully. "Wait, transport? Do you give him piggy back rides? I want a piggy back ride!" He demanded.

"I don't...because I could've sworn he bit me the last time though he denies it...if you promise not to bite, i'll give you one." He gave in.

"... what if I promise to not draw blood?" Keisuke offered cheerfully.

"Ok, good enough. But when I drop you on the cement, you know why." Kaede said just as cheerfully.

"Then I'll pull your hair!" Keisuke grabbed a handful and pulled.

"....ow." Kaede looked hurt. "My hair...just...don't pull my ears. i'll kill you." His ears were slowly being stretched like that lead singer guy from the western rock band Incubus and while it wasn't that big yet, it was still bigger then average.

"But! You have nice hair, Kae-tan. Perfect for steering." Keisuke said cheerfully, his hand edging curiously now that he'd noticed Kaede's ears.

Kaede reacted fast. "I have a switchblade and a shovel if you pull on my ears." He said solemnly.

"That's mean, Kae-tan. 'Sides, my senpai would kill you." Keisuke said, feining shock.

"I'm just warning you beforehand, Keipi-chin."

"We'll see what happens. Up and at 'em!" Keisuke demanded, still sitting on top of the younger lad.

"You're still sitting on me..." Kaede said to which Keisuke leveled a clueless look at him, tilting his head curiously.

Sighing, Kaede stood and managed to somehow sling the other guy over one shoulder, his brawny muscle working for him. "Where to?"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com "... thataway." Was all he got. So he went. And then 2 minutes later. He asked again. "...ok and then?"

"The other thataway." Keisuke said, his hair falling into his face, obscuring his view, rendering him unable to see anything.

Wordlessly, Kaede shifted Keisuke so he could see better. "Fine. Where?" He asked.

"... You're making me sea sick. I'm going to be sick on you." Came the cheerful reply.

"If you do I'm dumping you into that fountain!" Kaede threatened as they picked their way through the park.

"... then I'll pull you in with me. SWIMMING." Keisuke insisted.

"....you're a pervert...."

"How is swimming perverted?" Keisuke tugged at him.

"Wet shirt, Keipi-mon. Augh~" Kade wobbled a little. "Heeeeeeeey...."

"Ew." Keisuke said faintly. "I think you're more perverted than me, for even thinking that, Kae-tan."

"I'm going to forcefeed you garlic and tomato ice cream...WITH ketchup if you do that one more time...."

"... that's mean and more like to make me throw up on you."

"I'm going to make sure I'm far far away when that happens." Kaede paused at the intersection and craned his neck at the trafic light, trying to ignore a creepy old lady glinting at them through her glasses. "What now?"

"You can't be far away if you're forcefeeding me. Thataway." He tugged at Kaede's hair again.

"....you're making me walk in circles, Hyotei..." Kaede said as he edged away from the old lady.

Keisuke stared at her wide-eyed and cleared his throat to compose himself. "That's okay, Kae-tan. You're a growing boy, you can do with the exercise."

"..........I'm skinny. I don't have any fat on me. And you're telling me to exercise? You're just jealous 'cause you still got puppy pudge." Kaede tilted his head back too peer at Keisuke causing the smaller guy to kick at him....causing him to nearly drop him.

"Mean, Kae-tan!"

"Don't squirm a lot, I could drop you again! I mean...jeez." Kaede wheezed.

"Bad Kae-tan." Keisuke hung on with his teeth...literally.

Kaede plunked down on a nearby ledge. "Keisuke, ok...ride needs a break." Kaede shakily mussed with his hair while Keisuke sulked and stared at him. "Just hang on a second. Oh my poor very, very young heart." Kaede patted his chest.

"Bad Kae-tan. You'll live." Keisuke scowled and kicked his feet miserably.

"....I'm leaving if you kick me one more time and bite me and...and...I'll take Turtle back AND send you gallons of tomato and garlic ice cream to your locker room at Hyotei!" Kaede threatened.

"You called me fat." Keisuke sulked.

"I said you had puppy pudge. Not fat..." Kaede defended himself lamely.

Keisuku scowled. "Same thing." He said, drumming his heels against the ledge.

Kaede gave in, visibly deflating. "Ok, I'm sorry. You're not fat."

Keisuke hesitated before accepting. "... well. Okay. Sit." He ordered.

Kaede sat down obediently. "....you should try it though. Um...the ice cream." He said.

"... maybe later." Keisuke made a face and eyed Kaede. "Or you can eat it. I don't want to get fat." He sulked a little bit. Kaede crossed his arms and stared ahead, frowning a little, with a little furrow between his eyebrows.

The other buy studied him for a minute before turning on as much cute as he could, suddenly beaming widely at the boy. Kaede looked at him blankly before blinking.

Keisuke grinned. "... piggy back ride?"

The taller boy rolled his eyes and tried to look away. No use...he turned and offered his back. "Fine, fine..."

Keisuke smiled gleefully, making sure to hide all his truimph from the other one, gloating because he didn't have to walk and Kaede could carry him and his bag and Turtle. "Kae-tan is such a nice boy." He patted Kaede's head.

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