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RP LOG - Marui Kenta and Fukatsu Kaede~!

Dated: A little bit back.
Summary: Two Rikkai freshmen become good friends. Just lotsa great banter. The reason for this is because Birdy and me worked on this as one of this IC Chats like so:

BirdyBabe2: Ken: Oh.. god, I'm sorry I keep.. *nervous laugh* But, Rikkai is great. And.. you can still see your friends, right? Tokyo isnt that far away..
bun: kae: hey i never said i didn't see them! *laughs* come on, lighten up a little. xD
BirdyBabe2: Ken: >__< I'm just trying to be nice.
bun: kae: you're the nicest guy i've met so far! *laughs hysterically*
BirdyBabe2: Ken: What? >.> is that supposed to be a compliment, or no?
bun: kae: here. a present. *dumps the game into his lap* there...now you can beat sonic at soccer and we're friends.
BirdyBabe2: Ken: *Grins and pokes at the game.* Well, I have to give you something to make it fair. What do you want?

...and then I transcribed the entire thing into what you see here for optimal maximum super enjoyment desu. :3 *bows*
Rating: G

Kaede yawned and trudged up the stairs to the roof of his building. How come lunch breaks were so long? He was very bored and really, quite close to cutting class. But with no one to cut with, basically, you're screwed.

Lo, there was someone already on the roof. And someone he recognized too. Marui Kenta, looked like. Kid from the class next door. Kind of one of those oh-I'm-so-victimized-for-my-relation-to-a-genius people. But someone he knew and looked like he could use someone to know too. Kaede tripped on the last step and cursed a little. Damned gangly...he looked up instead and addressed the other kid. "You're Kenta eh?"

Kenta'd been lost in his thoughts when some idiot who sounded like he'd tripped and had a very dirty mouth to match said his name. Turning to face...up...he peered at the other freshman who could make it into the regulars everytime easy. "Er, yeah. You're Fukatsu?"

Kaede wanted to laugh. "Kaede, man. We're all punks 'ere." He said, good-naturedly.

"Right. I hate my last name, anyways." Kenta said after a bit of a pause, the wind whipping his greenish hair around his face as he...literally, sized up his new acquaintance.

"Lemme guess. Marui number 2?" The taller boy ran both his hands through his hair and gave the other a friendly but unsympathetic smile.

Kenta frowned. "Ugh. I hate him. You'd think he'd leave me alone since he's in high school. But noo. He keeps trying to teach me things. I don't want to learn his stupid crap!" He made a face. "Er.. sorry."

"...hokaay..." Kenta gave him a remarkably blank look. "I don't really care about him. He lost to me in singles during the sempai matches anyway."

Kenta paused. "........... what?" His nii-chan lost? To this scrapper?

Oh! He smacked his face. The green kid wasn't there that day...he wondered what had happened and then he wondered why the kid's hair was green and Marui-san's was pink and if it was sort of related to the Power Rangers...you know, green ranger and pink ran-- ok, focus.. "Oh...you weren't there. Right. Uh...the sempais...Jackal-san and whatever. Came over to play a little once."

"Oh, yeah. The tall dude. Well.. you're tall too. So you really beat the Bubblehead?" No doubt Kenta was curious now. Kaede was grinning at him and would never admit that was one game and that he lost in doubles to the pink-haired upperclassman. "Yeah...he's a doubles guy anyway. I wanted to play Jackal-san so the match would be longer...know him?"

Kenta nodded. "He comes over a lot. He's cool. A lot cooler." Jackal-san was much more serious and remarkably tolerant of his doubles partner's insatiable energy too.

"I wanna be a tough gangsta like him." Kaede laughed and posed, his skinny frame not really doing much for him. "...with a goatee and all." He added, scratching his own hairless chin. "You know, you seem a lot older then your nii." He commented, straightening up.

Kenta laughed. "Yeah, that'd be cool. You'd have to shave your head, though. --But yeah. He's like, two years old. He and Hikari have more in common and Hikari's 9." He rolled his eyes.

"No way...can't pull off bald like he does. ....wow. And you're stuck in the middle of that. Poor kid." Kaede reached out and patted Kenta on the head.

Ken puffed indignantly. "I'm not a kid. I'm just as old as you!" He protested.

He only got a laugh from the taller kid. "Well...first of all, kids puff. Marui-san puffs. So you don't puff." He advised.

"Ughhh." Kenta physically deflated. "I'll never do that one again. Anyways.. what kind of tennis do you play?"

Kaede bllinked. "...what do you mean? I play normal tennis." He said, sure that this was one of those "what special move do you do?" questions. People always assumed everyone who played tennis did.

The other boy fidgeted. "Yeah. well. I mean. like, doubles? singles? that kind of thing.."

OH. Duh. Kaede smacked his face. "...singles. But I'll play whatever you throw at me." He shrugged, indifferent.

"Yeah, cool. No doubles for me, neither. We're totaly going to rock Rikkai, I can already tell." Kenta brightened.

"Hah." Kaede pumped his arm into the air. "Nobody looks down on the ichinen this time."

"Hell no!" Kenta grinned. "You work out? You're pretty big for an ichinen."

Kaede made a little whining sound. "I got lucky. What--? You look like you'll turn out taller then your nii anyway." He pointed out, waving a hand in the air over Kenta's head which wasn't that far from the top of his...shoulders, he guessed.

"I better. Like, a head taller. So I can kick him in the ass!" Kenta enthused, making an odd gesture like he was suddenly scheming ways on how to grow taller.

Kaede nodded and held his hand out for a high-five. "Right on, man. we should hang out sometime yeah?" He laughed.

"Yeah, totally. That'd be sweet." Kenta chimed in, returning the high-five and sounding very much like Dude, Where's my Vibe At?

Kaede laughed and folded his arms, regarding Kenta with mock-sternness "...tight. totally tight. I'll pretend I didn't hear you turn retro on me." He broke into laughter, unfolding his arms to pat Kenta's shoulder.

Kenta looked embarrassed. "Whatever." He rolled his eyes and tried to look tough.

"So. Wanna go to tokyo? Street parties all next week. Bands and all that." Yeah, you know...why not? Kenta seemed like a great person and he looked like he suffered cabin fever occasionally.

Predictably the other boy brightened and said, "Really?? Oh man, yeah. I never get to go out. That sounds really sw--tight." He caught himself, smiling widely at having redeemed his near-un-coolness.

Kaede smacked his shoulder. "Now is your chance!" He said, looking around for any spies or cameras or hidden discipline officer ninjas before pulling a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lighting one, ignoring the little sidelong glances Kenta was giving him.

"Er...Great. I feel like a shut in at my place." Kenta let out an inner whoa...why'd he never bothered to talk to this kid before. He was nice and tough and probably a whole lot of other crazy things he could bother to find out later. All in all, he liked him and if they could be friends and get each other's back, that would be awesome.

Kaede stretched and blew some smoke out from around his cigarette. "Eh. You need to get out more then. Tell you what. You cut class with me now and we'll go somewhere less...boring." He proposed.

Kenta looked like he wanted to kiss the ground Kaede walked on. "Really? Thank god. I have math next. Where you thinking of going?"

"I dunno but that's where the fun is. Aa, come on. We'll be back for practice." He put his cigarette out on the ground and kicked it off the building, watching the white end spiral down below into a crowd of giggling girls who squealed and leapt aside before looking up to find the culprit. Kaede waved at them and blew them kisses so they would blush and not tell and then grabbed Kenta's wrist and dragged him off the roof. "We're off."

Kenta was a little agog at being grabbed and dragged around but managed to stammer out an answer. "Good. Practice is really the only important thing...." The two boys casually strolled towards the shoeboxes and made a run for the tennis courts and out the side gate the led to the scaaaary outside world. A bus ride and they were in town.

Kaede spread his arms wide like he was ready to hug the place and turned to Kenta. "Glad you're on the same page as me. Aa, sweet society. So. I'm hungry. Let's rustle something up. Are you hungry?" He asked.

"Starving. I don't really care what we get, though." Kenta nodded, looking all around in a bit of a daze.

"Choose wisely. I eat a lot and kind of slow. You get to pick though." Kaede looked around and eyed a crepe stand, a ramen stand and some kind of paella in the window of some bistro.

"Uh... well, then.. Something foreign? I eat a lot too, so... cheap is best." Kenta shrugged. He could afford it, anyway...just in case the other guy couldn't.

"You're hopeless. Come on..." He spotted a McDonald's and dragged Kenta toward it. "There we go. Foreign enough for ya? Then you can tell me more about you." He regarded the menu from over the top of Kenta's head. "Go on...make your order."

Kenta had barely finished saying. "Yeah, perfect." And ordered two cheeseburgers, a shake, two fries, a tofu salad and fish sticks before regarding Kaede. "You gotta do some talking, too."

"I never said you couldn't ask me whatever you wanted to know." Kaede said a little cheekily while placing at order for 3 big macs, 3 large fries, a 64 oz. diet soda and some chicken strips...and a little Happy Meal for the Sonic the Hedgehog electronic soccer game by stabbing at the laminated card taped to the counter.

Kenta looked impressed as he stood there with his tray and watched the server load Kaede's. The two guys made their way to a corner booth and settled down, arranging their food. "Okay. Well. Since everyone in the world knows about my family, what about yours?"

"What do you want to know." Kaede said, ripping open his Happy Meal box and peering inside.

"Got any siblings? What are they like? You know--stuff." Kenta poked his fries and popped a few into his mouth.

Kaede unwrapped burger number one. "Anou...I live with my uncle and aunt actually and my cousins. I don't have siblings- I'm was an only child. And...I don't have parents. They, ah...died." He said, thoughtfully chewing.

Kenta's eyes widened. "Oh.. ah... I'm sorry for bringing it up..." He blinked and hung his head over his shake. "I have no idea what that must be like.. But.. Like, your uncle and aunt are like family, right? So.. thats good." He covered up not talking by sipping his shake.

Kaede let a slow grin move his face. "I love them. They...don't treat me like I'm a deliquent even though there's no denying that I am. They do have their rules...I try to be good and follow them too. Really." He waved a little with the hand holding the burger. "Nah, my parents were good people."He looked a little sad for a moment. "My cousins are a lot of fun too, even though they can get annoying. There are four of them all younger then me. AND ALL GIRLS." He bemoaned his fate.

Kenta burst out laughing. "All little girls??? Oh man! Do they dress you up?" He tried to calm down, a smile splitting his face. "I bet they adore you."

Kaede clapped his free, non-burger holding hand over his face and groaned. "It's a good thing they don't but I am free transportation, the guy who gets the stuff from the high shelf, the babysitter, the doctor, the pet rescuer...you name it. I love them." He turned wistful. "I was a bit lonely growing up...but that's all in the past. What's your favorite color?

Kenta blinked at the sudden question. "Blue. No, green. Definitely green. Yours?"

"...pink. No, I'm kidding. I like green too." Kaede laughed and polished off the last of his burger. "Hm...is your brother gay? because last time i saw him he was all over Niou-san."

"Better not be pink.." Kenta said before choking a little on his shake. "He's such a frickin'.. leech! But yeah. He is. Well, more like bisexual. He doesn't discriminate.." Kenta looked at the table like it was a bad thing.

"...pink is nice though. Very happy happy and ok. I'll admit I got used to it, living with four little girls and all." Kaede sipped his soda. "Oh...hey, that's pretty cool. Never turn down love where you can get it...and you're what?" He gave the hapless kid a cheeky grin.

"I bet Bubblehead has about as much pink as your cousins do...." Kenta munched a carrot stick mechanically before looking up sharply. "Me? Uh. I dunno. I haven't really thought about it. I mean.. Maybe?.. Probably?" He grit his teeth and prayed he wasn't blushing. "You?"

Kaede laughed. "Like I said, never turn down free love where you can get it!" He laughed harder and winked at Kenta over his burger number two.

Kenta swallowed hard and tried not to look at him, focusing on finishing his salad. "Ah...r..right."

Kaede smiled. Next question, he supposed: "Hm...cat person or dog person?"

"Dog. Man's best friend and all that." Kenta sucked down his shake and nodded.

"I like turtles." Kaede said, eyeing his new friend's shake and wanting one for dessert.

"Turtles? That's...different." Kenta ate the last of his fishsticks. "Why turtles?"

"...baby, slow and steady wins the race! Sorry...that was really lame." Kaede clapped his hands together in front of his face sheepishly. "I liked the story -you know it? The Hare and the Tortoise... - when I was a kid and liked turtles ever since.

Kenta guffawed, snorting a little shake over the table. "Yeah it was." He laughed. "...but it's all good." He grinned.

"Hey no one said you couldn't ask me questions too." Kaede pointed out.

"Hmm.." Kenta munched on a burger. "Ok...where in the world do you want to visit?"

"Oh...everywhere. Whereever I end up in. You?"

"Italy. And maybe South America. Or. yeah. Everywhere."

"Maybe I'll see you in those places." Kaede laughed. "Hm...next question?"

"Haha, yeah.... Hmm. Why'd you start playing tennis?"

Kaede looked up sharply. "Because I liked the sound."

Kenta looked confused. "The sound??"

"Yeah! You know...the little twackity sound...and then the game turned out to be fun." He flashed Kenta a mischievous look.

"Really? That's...that's like.. the coolest thing ever..." Kenta looked floored but laughed.

"I used to hang around the courts at my old school right?...listening to the twacking. One day they said come over and thwack a few. I had a knack for it." Kaede shrugged. ".....oh, my team really sucked." He laughed. "But they are my best friends. Really...I was sad when I had to move schools."

"That's the best.. having friends in whatever your doing--the game is.. easier." Kenta slurped the last of his shake. "Why'd you have to move?"

"...because I didn't have anywhere else to go. My aunt and uncle took me in and they happened to live around here. So I moved from Tokyo to here and they sent me to Rikkai. Nice of them too because they knew a great tennis team would keep me in school..."

Kenta laughed nervously. "Oh.. god, I'm sorry I keep..But, Rikkai is great. And.. you can still see your friends, right? Tokyo isn't that far away.."

"Hey I never said I didn't see them!" Kaede laughed. "Come on, lighten up a little."

"I'm just trying to be nice...." Kenta buried his face in his hands.

"...you're the nicest guy I've met so far!" Kaede laughed crazily, slapping his hands on his knees and doubling over the table a bit.

"What? Is that supposed to be a compliment, or no?"

Kaede shook his head. "Here. A present." He dumped the game that came with the Happy Meal in Kenta's lap. "There...now you can beat Sonic at soccer and we're friends."

Kenta poked the game and grinned. "Well, I have to give you something to make it fair. What do you want?"

"A kiss." Kaede paused and then broke into laughter again while Kenta choked on his spit. "I'M KIDDING. Come on. Gimme a practice match later and let me kick your ass. Fairly. How's that?"

Kenta was making little dying sounds in his seat, like he wanted to melt off the bench and onto the floor. "...gahhh... Okay, a match. But you're the one going to be on the ground crying!" He insisted.

Kaede smirked. "Oh? If I can pwn you with 2 words, I can kill you on the court, Kencho." He reached over and smacked the boy's shoulder.

"Hey." Kenta elbowed him. "It's not my fault you're insane. I'm a demon on the courts, so watch out~~"

Kaede covered his face with his hands. "Yeah beat me and show me you're not some Bunta jr." He smirked.

"Ohhhoho, you're so dying for that." Kenta flashed him a wicked grin.

"Bring it." Kaede mock-snarled.

Kenta was laughing too hard. "Oh I will. Hope your house is close enough to crawl to."

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