Mitani Aki (hallowed_be) wrote in double_fault,
Mitani Aki

[RP log] [Sawashima, Mitani]

characters ; Sawashima Masuyo and Mitani Aki, SeiRu
rating ; G
time frame ; before the carnival log, during the day
summary ; in which two SeiRu kids meet up, so they won't be all alone with the scary Hyoutei kids at the carnival. ♥

Every good boy and girl had been warned about Internet perverts, who lured in good kids with false pretences and then somehow - not many people ever expounded on this - caused their doom. Mitani had been no exception - which was why he was eager to have yet another SeiRu student with him when he went to meet the Hyoutei crowd at the carnival.

Not that it could've been that dangerous. After all, Takayama Kouji apparently knew the people. Still. Better to be safe than end up being sold on the slave markets.

Mitani looked down at his watch, casually slouched against the wall of the dorm building. He'd arranged to meet one of his schoolmates here in... five minutes. It was a nice day, so he didn't mind waiting out in the sun.

Carnivals were stupid, Sawashima Masuyo figured, but they where a way for him to get to know people better. And, if he knew more people, especially people who were connected to tennis one way or another, his chances for succeeding on the field were magnified.

Sawashima wasn't in a hurry though. After all, he was a natural talent, people should feel honoured that he would spend time with them, it really shouldn't matter to them that he was a bit late. As he finally arrived at their appointed meeting place, the other kid was already there. Mitani was it? "Yo", Sawashima called out.

"Hello," Mitani called, straightening up minutely from his position against the wall. He didn't want to be rude, after all. "Sawashima-kun?"

"That's me", the brown-haired sophomore answered. "I guess I'm a bit late..." He shrugged, making a polite bow.

Mitani mirrored it, after stepping fully away from the wall. "Nothing of the sort. I only arrived myself." Lying, but. He smiled slightly, trying to be friendly. "Have I met you before, Sawashima-kun? You seem familiar."

This guy definitely sounded like a real goody-two-shoes, Sawashima decided. But he did recognise him, that was huge plus at least. Well, the guy tried to play it friendly, then he would play along. He needed friends after all. "I don't know... I'm a new member of the tennis club. You are in that club too, right?"

"Since first year," Mitani confirmed with a nod. "You've only just transferred in?" Perhaps this was one of Yuuta-buchou or Kaneda-fukubuchou's recruits for the tennis team.

"Yeah. I just joined SeiRu this year, so..." He trailed off, kicking a pebble on the ground. "So, what's this carnival about?"

"I think it's just a random carnival in Tokyo," Mitani said with a shrug. "Takayama-kun knows someone with extra tickets and he issued an open invitation." In other words, it seemed like something to do -- not that Mitani would voice that out loud.

"Cool", Sawashima muttered half-heartedly. He spotted a bench a few meters away and started towards it. He decided he'd rather talk about tennis than some lame carnival. "We didn't do to well in the tournaments last year, right? What was that Buchou like? What went wrong? Do you know that?"

Mitani's eyebrows raised, but he followed after Sawashima uncomplainingly. That was slightly rude. "SeiRu managed to get into the top eight from Tokyo, like it has most years, which is more than most other schools can say," he said mildly. "Akazawa-buchou wasn't bad."

"It's not that great. What's the point if you're not number one?" Sawashima flopped down on the bench. "I want us to be number one. Not among the best, the best." He sighed, realising he that he started to get out of line. "Still", he muttered, "I'm not even sure I'll make the team, so what's the use bitching about that, huh? Sorry..."

"Lots of teams think that way." Mitani shrugged, placidly taking a seat on the other end of the bench. "All we can do is try our best." He shrugged again and shot Sawashima a curious look as several of his words registered. "You weren't a recruit, Sawashima-kun?"

"A what? No, I wasn't. I just joined the club because I play tennis. I'm gonna try out for the team though." He leaned back against the bench, eyes fixed on a cloud that almost had the shape of a huge heart. "What are they like? Fuji and Kaneda I mean. That's their names, right? I've at least heard that Fuji's some kind of super great player or something..."

"Those are their names. I think Buchou and Fukubuchou-" There was a very mild reproach in his words, since Sawashima seemed younger and there was such thing as proper respect. "- are planning on doing what Mizuki-senpai and Akazawa-buchou did, and recruited talented players from other schools." Mitani shrugged one shoulder flippantly. "The Fuji-san that you may have heard of could be Seigaku's Fuji-san, with his triple counters?"

Triple counters? Yeah, that sounded familiar. "There's two of them? But yeah. Some swallow or something." He had stepped out of line again, hadn't he? Mitani seemed a bit annoyed with him. He had to watch himself and his tongue a little better...

"Seigaku's Fuji-san is Fuji-buchou's elder brother, I believe. I hear that Mizuki-senpai recruited him from Seigaku last year." Mitani shrugged again and tilted his head to slant Sawashima a slight smile. "SeiRu's team composition is a bit unique."

"Sounds like it", Sawashima returned the smile. "Seigaku creamed almost everyone last year, didn't they? But most of their players were third-years then, right? So there should be a lot of new players this year..."

"Most of the teams were probably made up of third years," Mitani said. His smile widened and he pushed a hand through his hair. "Exactly when we're meant to be busiest with exam preparation and such. You're second year, Sawashima-kun?"

Sawashima laughed. Something about the other boy made him warm up. It felt... Unusual. "Yeah. So I guess it's Mitani-senpai, isn't it? Sorry about sounding a bit weird before..."

Mitani laughed softly, glad that the other boy had loosened up somewhat. "Senpai, yeah. But anything's-" everything's "-fine." He smiled brighter. "What made you decide to transfer to SeiRu, if you don't mind me asking?"

"I don't mind", Sawashima shrugged. "It's just... I've heard that this is a very good school to attend if you're aiming at excelling in tennis, so my family signed me up. So, I really hope I'll be able to join the team, otherwise I suppose mom and dad will be mad or something."

"You're not Catholic?" That really shouldn't have come as too much of a surprise to Mitani, given that half the student population didn't seem to follow the faith. "And it is a good school for tennis, even if you don't make the regulars, but you've got a good chance if you're so serious about it."

"Oh, but I am Catholic! It's just, religion isn't the reason I joined. How about you?"

Mitani blinked and startled into a quick grin. "Devout Catholic, actually. I'm here because this was one of the leading Catholic schools around."

"Really? That's so great! I mean, not a lot of people admit that they're believers now days. That it's uncool or something." Sawashima's left hand moved to the crucifix he had around his neck, his fingers tracing the outline underneath his uniform shirt.

"You'd think it'd be different here, but I think a lot of people come to SeiRu because of its facilities and such," Mitani said, laughing ruefully. "It's nice to meet someone who won't complain about Mass and everything."

"Yeah. Wanna get together and chat or something after mass next time? I mean, just because. I kind of need to go now..." Sawashima nodded towards his backpack. "Homework." He got up and began to walk away. He stopped as he remembered something. "When should we meet up for the carnival? And where?"

"Sure," Mitani said, with a nod. "We could arrange that later, or over livejournal, if you're in a rush? I've got your contact details via there, and I still need to finalise details with Hyoutei's Yukimura-san."

"Livejournal's cool", Sawashima nodded. "Uh... Should I try and friend you or something? Is that easier?"

"Go ahead." Mitani was pretty casual about things like that. "I'll speak to you over that, okay? I'll get you the details as soon as Yukimura-san gives them to me."

Sawashima nodded and waved his good byes. Things hadn't really turned out the way he had planned them too, and he felt pretty weird about the whole thing, but in the end, it wasn't so bad. People could be tolerable

"See you later, Sawashima-kun," Mitani called after him, standing. Then sat down again, when he'd gone. It was a nice day... there was no need to hurry.
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