Takahashi Makoto (bunk_habit) wrote in double_fault,
Takahashi Makoto

EGAD. Log.

Characters: Amano Yuki and Takahashi Makoto

Rating: G

Time frame: Before the carnival log.

The air was lacking in the rustle of leaves. The school was surrounded by sakura trees that seemed silent in the moving air, falling soundless like snow. Amano had noticed Takahashi's face maybe three days ago, a glimpse while walking through the hall and then another at practice. He was fairly certain the other boy was a Rikkai student. Inquiries at the office told him that the other boy was a second year and which class he was in. He felt like a stalker. Was it so wrong to feel inclined to cling to the one person he knew though?

Third week of school had the beginnings of lab partners and people who paired with him in group assignments but nothing beyond academic based acquaintances. So with his school bag in a nervous grasp he made his way to the younger teen's homeroom.

It was lunch, which was normally Makoto’s favorite period, but he wasn't really feeling it today. His head was down on his desk and his lunch untouched. He hadn't really been able to get into the whole lunch thing since carrots had become a regular thing. Makoto was also morning the loss of sugar wafers. It was not a good day.

Yuki peered into the classroom curiously, searching the faces for the familiar face. After asking a student, he was pointed in the direction of Makoto's desk. Nervously Yuki tapped the boy's shoulder, he looked ill. "Takahashi-san?"

Startled, Makoto sat up and turned in his chair until he saw a familiar face. He couldn't quite place the face, but it reminded him of rain and karate and that couldn't be all bad. "Hi." he said. He gave the other boy the best smile that he could, considering the circumstances.

"Hi," he gave the other boy a wide smile, a little self-conscious. He wasn't even sure if Makoto recognized him. Fidgeting slightly, he brushed a stray strand of hair aside, "We met at the park, when it was raining, remember?" Yep, Yuki definitely felt like some kind of retarded stalker. "I thought I'd say hi, since we go to the same school."

"We do?" Let it never be said that Makoto was observant. "That's pretty cool. You know karate, right?" Makoto’s eyes brightened. He was, for the moment, totally distracted from the food situation.

Yuki blinked a little owlishly, "Um, yeah." He ran a hand through his hair again, the fringe was getting in his way again. "I was thinking we could have lunch together," he asked shyly looking at the other teen through the stray bangs.

Makoto's eyes were drawn to Yuki's hair and he couldn’t help thinking that maybe Yuki should gel it. "But," he reconsidered, "It would look funny that way. I like it best the way it is..." His eyes remained glued to Yuki's bangs.

"I beg your pardon?" Yuki was confused for a moment but shook it off. "Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch together, maybe outside? It's a good day," he commented, blowing past the weirdness. He turned his head to glance outside, the warm sunlight, the pale petals drifting in the warm air, it was a good day to eat outside. He gave Makoto a friendly smile.

"Oh, that sounds like a good idea." Makoto smiled, this time genuinely. He gathered up his lunch, not even noticing the carrots, and stood up. Makoto looked expectantly at Yuki. Clearly the one who had the idea should lead the way.

The air outside was warm but brisk, it would still be slightly cool if he were still living in Otaru. Some of the cherry trees were in bloom, variants of the sakura trees, fully blossoms floating through the air. By April they would all be open and falling, in Otaru that wasn't until May. For a moment homesickness struck him out of nowhere.

Yuki had found a nice quiet spot, on the side of the main school building that he favored for lunch. Over the three weeks he'd been there this was the first time he got to share the lunch period with someone else. He was settling in, slowly but surely. Sitting down, back leaning against the building, he drew out his own lunch, opening the traditional lacquered box as well as a smaller snack box. Tempura vegetables with rice, and sugar wafers in the smaller box.

Makoto's mouth watered. Yuki had sugar wafers! It was too much to be a coincidence. Some deity must have intervened to save Makoto from a life of carrots. Yuki was a godsend. There was no doubt about it.

It took Yuki a moment to notice that Makoto was looking at his sugar wafers. He was too busy sorting out the different kinds of vegetables in his lunch box, lining them up neatly before eating them. Noticing the other teen's attention he pushed the small container towards the younger boy, "Here," he offered with a smile.

Makoto grabbed the container with what could easily be considered too much enthusiasm. He took six wafers, a number that he considered on the low side, and proceeded to destroy them with what can only be described as military precision. When Makoto's eyes returned to Yuki it was clear that something had changed. Yuki was no longer just that guy from the park who knows karate. Yuki had become the One who provides precious cookies in times of great need. Makoto's eyes glazed with admiration.

Yuki tried not to look to surprised as Makoto turned back to look at him after he finished chomping down on the sweet snack. He must really like sugar wafers. Yuki smiled at the younger teen a little, "You can have the rest of them." He picked at a piece of tempura sweet potato from his lunch box and chewed carefully.

Admiration turned to love in mere seconds. Makoto picked up the container again and discretely disposed of the few wafers that had survived his first attack.

Yuki watched from the corner of his eye as Makoto finished off the snacks cleanly. He worked at his lunch steadily, carefully chewing each time before swallowing. "You should eat your own lunch as well," he advised between bites.

"But..." Makoto lowered his voice as if he were confessing some terrible sin, "There are carrots." He said it as if it were a crime.

"Oh," Yuki blinked slightly, he didn't mind carrots so much himself. "But won't you be hungry?" He prodded at his own lunch idly. He thought for a moment before shrugging, slightly "Do you want some of mine?" He tilted the lacquered box slightly to let the other teen have a view of his lunch to see if he was interested.

Yuki's lunch consisted of mostly fried vegetables, but anything was better than the cold raw carrots that his own mother had packed him. Makoto took a piece and set about the long process of committing Yuki's name to memory. "It’s Amano Yuki, right?" There was a brief moment in which Makoto was afraid he might lose the One because of his forgetfulness.

Crossing his hand over to Makoto's lunch box he worked on the raw carrots while holding out his lunch for the other teen. He grinned slightly at the question, "Yup," he answered between bites. He tilted his head back to stare at the clear sky, dotted with wisps of cream like clouds. "So how has school been for you? Have you been going to Rikkai since year one?"

Makoto forced himself to focus on the conversation and not Yuki's mouth as the older boy ate the hated carrots. "Yeah. I’ve been going here since forever, Amano Yuki." The first step towards remembering someone’s name was repeating it incessantly. "You just came here, right, Amano Yuki?"

Yuki stared at Makoto and just nodded, grinning, for a moment, trying not to be weirded out by the other teen repeating his name. "That's nice Takahashi Makoto," he answered with a slight laugh. Not mocking, just amused.

Makoto couldn't help grinning like mad at that. Clearly, Amano Yuki was trying to commit Makoto's name to memory. And if that was the case, Yuki probably liked Makoto. Makoto knew from experience that it’s easier to steal food from someone when they like you.

"You want to switch?" He offered his whole lunch box at Makoto, it was probably easier that way. He could always just eat more when he got home and he did eat about a half of his lunch before offering it to the other teen. It seemed simpler than crossing his hand over to reach for a baby carrot each time.

The Steal Amano Yuki's Food and Dispose of Carrots plan was progressing faster than Makoto could have ever anticipated. Not wanting to seem too enthusiastic, Makoto furrowed his brow and nodded slowly. If he seemed too enthusiastic, he might scare his prey away and that wouldn’t do at all. "I'd like that a lot, Amano Yuki."

Yuki nodded, handing over the food with a slight grin. "Maybe you should make sure to pack something you actually eat next time," he commented taking the carrots. Really, a box full of carrots really wasn't a lunch anyway so he didn't blame the kid.

"I don’t pack my own lunch..." Makoto responded sullenly.

"You should let your mother know you don't eat raw carrots then," he commented mildly even as he finished off most of the baby carrots. He took the empty box that had held the sugar wafers and put it back into his bag. Lunch period would probably be over soon.

"I have but she's put me on this diet..." Makoto's voice trailed off. It was almost too painful to talk about.

Yuki frowned slightly at that, he didn't believe in diets, food was meant to be enjoyed. It wasn't just eating to live. "Then maybe I can sneak you some real food," he replied with a grin.

In all of his years as a professional moocher, Makoto had never heard such a wonderful proposition, but that might just have been the diet affecting him. Makoto couldn't believe his good luck, but wasn’t it rude to just take without giving something in return? "Amano Yuki... Bring me a lot of sugar wafers and I’ll make sure you don't regret it." Makoto smiled, but was feeling serious and focused for once. If Makoto couldn't think of an awesome way to repay Yuki he wouldn't be able to accept the older boy’s food. It was a matter of principles.

Yuki laughed lightly at that, holding out a hand for Makoto, "Deal," he grinned widely, adding as an afterthought, "Takahashi Makoto." It was different from his past friends, few of them though he had. But it was a relief, having someone to hang out with after the move.

The bell wrung breaking though their nonexistent conversation. He packed up his lunch box carefully, wrapping it back in the blue stained cloth that it had been wrapped in before and replacing it in his school bag. He held out a hand to help Makoto up from the seat.

Makoto accepted the hand and stood up. "See you tomorrow then, Amano Yuki." Makoto walked off in the direction of his class and never looked back.
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