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Characters: Momo, Arai, NPC'd ichi-nen for this year
Date: Not sure... quite recent, though...
Rating: PG-13 for Momo Arai violence in front of the ichi-nen

The day had dragged on and on for Momo. This would be his first day as buchou. Even if it wasn't a mandatory meeting. Even if it wasn't even being held at the tennis court. For some reason he thought that a meeting at the burger joint would be a good idea. He was even going to pay! He figured that Ryoma would at least show up. So once the bell rang, he pedaled all the way down there and waited. Ryoma would at least show up....he hoped.

"I wonder what Momo's meeting is all about," Arai asked himself and a few others who were following behind him. Naturally, the new members of the club (more importantly, this year's ichi-nen) would take this offer from a senpai. One of the other ichi-nen asked, "Is tennis club always going to be like this?"

Right. You wish, kid. "I don't think so. But then again, it's Momo we're talkin' about here. Just expect the unexpected from him." It puzzled Arai that former buchou Tezuka chose Momo to be this year's buchou. Still, he admitted to himself that he would be a better buchou that Kaidou since all he ever does is scare everyone else on the team.

Finally, Arai and quite a few ichi-nen arrived at 'A' Hamburger and saw Momo sitting there. "Oi Momo!" Arai waved to his classmate. He almost slipped and almost called him Momo buchou, but shit, why for? They were the same age, and in the same class for that matter.

Momo had begged all night for enough money to feed the regulars this time. His parents were going to make him work every weekend for the whole year! Momo looked up and waved at Arai. He had been busy putting out cups and drinks for everyone. He knew that practice was going to start up again. He wanted to give everyone a day to mingle. Meet everyone that they may not have known. He knew Kaidoh wouldn't even show up. He had explained the idea to him. "Welcome!" He was just happy to see that someone showed up. He hadnt made it mandatory or anything like that. "It's not a real meeting. But you get free burgers!" And that was the important thing at the moment. Maybe Kaidoh was right about cracking the whip from the start. But, Momo wasn't into bondage like the damn Mamushi. "I'm glad you made it!" He'd probably be crushed when Ryoma didnt show. But thats another story.

Unfortunately, there would be no Ryoma. That snarky bitch walked off on Arai when he informed him of a meeting at a burger joint that was announced earlier in the morning. Arai was still a bit pissed about that, but he let it get past him. "Gomen na, Momo. This is all I could grab for now. Katou and Mizuno said they had to stay after school a bit for a project, I dunno..." He took a seat next to the captain, which should have been Ryoma's. But fuck Ryoma for now. He was hungry. The ichi-nen had taken their seats. "So... what CAN we get and NOT get?"

"Well. I guess since nobody else is going to show up. You can get one of the value meals." He nodded a bit "and whatever else you want." They couldn't eat more than Ryoma. Who was oddly absent. He didnt think Ryoma would miss a free meal. "I just want to thank you guys for coming. I know it was short notice." This was Momo, he was likeable, he couldn't help it. Tezuka had told him to be himself. "I just wanted to do something before the season started. It's going to be a tough year. Uh.." He really should have written down what he was going to say! "We've lost some people and gain some others. If we all do our best...I'm sure we can have a great season" Did he do that right? He wasn't even sure. Momo should really take the time to listen to the things that come out of his mouth.

After Momo made his little speech (and failed afterwards), Arai got his value meal and sat back down. Getting a little curious, Arai had to ask. "So Momo, what exactly did you have to do to get all this money, eh? Begged mommy and daddy for it?" Arai was sort of asking for it. But then again, it was friendly, outgoing, outspoken, though hot-tempered Momo. So he decided to take a chance.

Momo blinked a bit before rubbing the back of his neck. "Well, yeah....I spent all of my vacatin money already" He didn't have an issue with admitting to that. He wasn't really allowed to get a job during school. "They're making me do extra chorse to make up for it." In general, his temper only showed up when dealing with Kaidoh. But, he had planned on working on it. Another thing he promised Tezuka.... "I'm kinda worried that Echizen didn't show up. He wouldn't skip out on free food..." Something probably happened to Karupin. Oh well, he would ask later. "Heh. Sorry, I think I'm turning into Oishi-sempai."

"Nah, shinpai su'n na," Arai told him. "Thanks for the burger, though. But I wonder.... what will Ryuuzaki-sensei say about all of this? Practice starts tomorrow, and since I'm a regular now, I have to work my ass off a thousand times harder than last year." Arai, at the most recent intraschool tournament, only lost one match. And that was to Momo. He still can't get over that, but what the hell? It was Momo. He gave him a friendly punch and said, "I still won't get over the fact that you beat me at the intraschool matches, damn you."

To be honest. Momo never liked the ranking tournaments. They always seemed rather unfair by design. If you happened to get put in the wrong group, you were screwed. Momo had experience in that fact. Laughing faintly, he gave Arai punch back. Rather hard too. "And if you get over it this time, there's always next time!" Momo wouldn't say it outloud, but he was glad that Arai steered the subject in a different direction. It wasn't a good thing to dwell and try to figure out why your best friend didnt show up to something you worked hard on. Especially without calling or anything. Not that Ryoma ever called him in the first place. "Besides, if you really want a rematch, there's always the street courts." Momo thought that it was a good idea. People were always showing up there, and it was a decent place to watch the competition. That last part Momo didn't think about really. He always was more interested in who showed up, then gathering data. He didnt like data very much.

"Fool, that hurt," Arai complained, rubbing his shoulder. "Yeah, next time as in when? I'm going to beat you one of these days," Arai said, almost threatened. He thought about street tennis but it really wasn't something that appealed to him. "I'd do street courts if people aren't stupid," Arai added. "I'm not sayin' you're stupid, but most other people are ya know?" Besides, Arai wasn't really into street tennis unlike Momo.

If that wasn't an opening, nothing was. "Yeah. It's cool if you don't want to go. Just because the people there would beat you too. Guess it would get kind of boring." Momo just grinned. He knew Arai would demand to go down there so he could beat everyone there. Momo actually hadn't been down to the street courts in awhile. "Wonder if everyone will be down there." He wouldn't be shocked if Kamio and An-chan were there. They seemed to always be around. "Then agan, you might know that...and are just..." and that was when Momo clucked.

"Shut up, Peach," Arai blurted out. He knew he was being mocked. "I'm so not beaten all the time. And I don't like street tennis, anyway." Geh... he was gonna bring up the subject about being beaten by data tennis Inui-senpai, but decided not to. At least Arai had more consideration than that. "Man, everyone in Seigaku knows about your thing with Tachibana An so why don't you just suck it up?" A little chuckle, and a bite of the cheeseburger. That proved to Arai to be an ice-breaker.

"What thing!?" Momo was blushing, Because, thats what he tended to do when people brought things like that up. "I dont have a thing with An-chan. She's just a friend." Hell, everytime he went to meet her he tried to drag Ryoma along. That was definately not a date. "I can have a friend thats a girl and not like like her." So there was the buchou of Seigaku having a mild spazfest because people still thought he was dating An-chan. Not that he dated her before. It was just one time, and it really wasn't a date. Because Kamio showed up and he had to play doubles with him. "Besides! That has nothing to do with anything!" Because, it didn't and he had to add one more thing. "nobody treated Tezuka-buchou like this" and he was not pouting! Honest!

"Oh, no need to be shy about it, Momo," Arai answered. "You know, it's normal to have 'triangle dates' in this day and age, ya know?" Leaning against the table that he sat next to Momo with, he watched his facial reaction, very amused at what he is looking at. A pouting Momo was something that these ichi-nen really needed to see. It adds to character, doesn't it? "Well of course it has everything to do with anything," Arai added and he had a faint, but amused grin on his face. "Well, nobody treated Tezuka buchou like this because he was quite boring and had almost zero personality but you get my drift! We all know she wants your nuts and you more than likely want hers, too. Unless you're in denial that is..." Arai looked up and scratched his chin a little, a sign showing that he's somehow thinking.

Momo just gawked ay Arai like he had grown a second head. "Shh! Don't say things like that in front of the first years!" And he wasn't in denial about An-chan. He never liked that ype of girl in the first place. She was a little bit controlling. "I think this talk shouldn't be done in public. Saying things like that!" Arai had a very dirty mouth. Momo would just keep feigning outrage about the comment and try to steer the whole topic as far away from him as possible. "You better watch that Kamio will hunt you down for saying An-chan has nuts."

But it was too late. Some of the ichi-nen were already stuck on their gaze with Momo-buchou and Arai wondering what they were talking about and why Momo began to spaz. "I think this means we might have some explaining to do... or not..." Arai said. He scratched his head a bit wondering what he should say to the ichi-nen. But nah, he didn't feel like explaining, really. "Now now, this ain't really important for you all to know," he began to say. "Let's just leave Momo-buchou alone, kay? I think I may have said just a little too much." The ichi-nen all came out with an "Aww" but Arai paid it no mind.

He'd pay it no mind up to the point that Momo punched him a good one in his other arm. And for good measure, he punched the other arm too. "Don't listen to him. He just talks too much. Probably has no idea what he's really saying. Kinda like a monkey!" Momo didnt want rumors about his non existant love life going around the school again. It took him all year to live down the An-chan date rumors. Because someone couldnt stop calling people to tell them. Oh no Momo is on a date come, lets spy on him! Ugh. "He's jsut mad because that 2nd year girl turned him down earlier this week, What was her name..Yoko..Yuki...something like that." Momo wasnt even sure if that had even happened. But, the freshmen didnt know about it! So, he could keep making things up. He just didn't understand why people thought he liked An anyway! Did it even look like he had any inkling of attraction to any girl at all!

Ow that hurt! Arai did know about the MomoRyoma-ness going on, but decided to pick at the MomoAn-ness instead. "Pfft!" He punched Momo back again just as hard. Uh-oh. You just don't push Arai's momentum of hitting, though. You just don't. "Didn't you know that Inui-senpai was spying on you all that time when it happened last year? That's how the whole school knows about your little deal with Tachibana An. Stupid peach." He sat back up on his seat and said, "Hate to break it to ya Momo, but she was the one who asked me and I'm not about to say yes to the biggest bitch of Seishun Gakuen. You can have her for all I care. She seems to be taking a liking to you, too."

Nobody was supposed to know about the MomoRyoma-ness damnit! So he hit Arai back. Because he deserved it. And technically, he could get away with it. "Excuse us. I need to have a talk with Arai out back." He stood up and headed for the door, he wasn't going to yell at Arai in front of the freshman. It'd give them a bad opinion. Momo didnt want all the freshman to be afraid of him because of one temper explosion. "Important tennis club stuff, y'know?"

"Right right..." Arai answered back to his classmate. He followed him outside the back and put his hands on his waist. "I'm sure you aren't here to give me a lecture, Momo. I'm also pretty damn sure this ain't about important tennis club stuff." Looking into Momo's eyes, Arai wanted an answer. His facial expression demanded it.

Momo took in a deep breath. He looked serious, which was a rare thing. "Look, I know that everyone thinks I'm going to screw up. Which is probably the reason people didn't show up today. I can handle that. And I can handle a bit of teasing. But, there's a point....where I have to put my foot down and save face. Tezuka put me in charge...everyone will have to deal with it, and at least show me some respect. I'm not a screw-up, no matter what people think." Did he just really say that? He had only meant to tell Arai to stop being a dick. But, it had ended up coming out like that. Dear brain. Please discuss with the lips what is coming out of them. Thanks

What the hell was he talking about? He's known Momo for over 2 years now and he was being quite serious. He really didn't mean to be a dick, but that's just the way he got along with him, at least he'd like to think that way. "What the hell do you know, Momo? I don't think you're gonna screw up. Sure, I was skeptical on you being buchou, but if Kaidou did it, I think we all would have been asking for it." He continued. "So what if people didn't show up? That means they're stupid. At least for the fact that they wouldn't take free food. Especially Kaidou and Echizen. But whatever... can't expect too much from those two." Well, it was enough that Kaidou was fukubuchou. Arai had hoped that there will never come a time when Kaidou would have to be fully in charge of the team.

"I knew the stupid snake wasn't going to show up. He told me that this morning. I wasn't expecting him to." Ryoma..on the other hand. He just shook his head. "Sorry..I shouldn't have snapped at you. I guess, I'm already getting stressed out and the season hasn't even started yet." He didn't want to screw things up. No matter what he had to do. He was starting to understand why Tezuka was so detached. It was just easier to deal with things. "And if you tell anyone any of this. I'll hunt you down and kick you in the spleen. Wherever that is." Momo is smrt.

Arai shrugged. Momo was letting too much stress get to him. "Why would I want to talk about your private life? Unless people already knew about it, I won't say a word," he reassured him. Which was why he decided to pick on the Tachibana An part and not with the Ryoma likingness. Hell, he imagined that the people who'd probably know about it are... the regulars from last year, Ikeda, Horio, Kachirou, Katsuo, and probably even Sakuno. But the whole school didn't seem to know yet. "As if I know where the spleen is." Arai, as you could say, is also smrt.

"You should study more if you dont know where the spleen is." Momo would wonder how other people knew when he didnt know for sure himself. Jeez, he was always the last one to know. There was something that wasn't right about that.

"Right, Momo. As if you could really be the one to talk about studying..." Arai snuffed. "Look, don't we have homework today? Nakamaru-sensei is a dick. I heard about him from Inui-senpai last year. Che... giving us chem homework on the first day of school. I'm gonna get going." Arai went back inside to gather all his things and go home. Probably to play video games with Ikeda.

"Well. Yeah, that's how things work." Momo sighed. He really didnt want to even think about homework. "I probably won't do any homework anyway! It's the first day...there should be like a law." Momo waved "I guess I'll see you at practice tommorow. Be on time of you're get a kajillion laps." Like Momo would give laps. Maybe if he absolutely had too. Kaidoh was going to be the bad cop.

"Oi ichi-nen. You can all go home now. There's practice tomorrow, alright?" With that, Arai gathered his things and went on his way home. He didn't feel like doing homework, so he may just skip out on that idea. He still needed to finish Devil May Cry 3 anyway.
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