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Double Fault's Journal

Below are the 25 most recent journal entries.


  2005.06.20  20.49




  2005.06.15  02.40
RP Log: Kouji and Ayato

Date: 06/14
Rating: R for language (otherwise PG)
Summary: Ayato is sick of the way Kouji has been treating him recently. See the comments for this post for immediately pre-log context.

Holy crap, you hit me.Collapse )


  2005.06.11  03.23
RP Log: Kouji, Ayato, and Shozo

Date: 06/10
Rating/Warnings: Content PG / Language R
Summary: Kouji and Ayato run into Shozo at the bookstore! What fun! XD And by fun, I mean they all hate each other! Whee!

"Let me guess. You’re Kouji’s girlfriend." Collapse )


  2005.06.07  01.05
RP Log: Kouji and Ayato (and Hikari)

Date: Sunday, 05/30
Rating: Should be G
Summary: Ayato's cousin Shirou Hikari comes to visit him at St. Rudolph, bringing a picnic lunch for herself, Ayato, and Kouji.

She can't be that bad! She brought food!Collapse )


  2005.06.04  16.16
art. not really. XD

... I had fun with Windows Paint. So. Uh.

Koutan and Aya-chan play doubles good! Really! *hearts*Collapse )

don't hurt me?

Mood: silly

  2005.05.27  03.29
RP Log: Kouji and Ayato

Date: Saturday, 05/29
Warnings: Language (thanks, pissed-off Koutan).
Summary: After a particularly challenging game (omg tennis!), a temperamental Kouji and an exhausted Ayato are sent away from the courts and ordered to "cool down". Among the discussion topics: future tennis strategy, family, and the inherent weirdness of girls.

Kouji had never been good at doubles, and Ayato had never been good at strategy, and somehow, they were still expected to play together.Collapse )


  2005.05.16  03.08

Hey ...

.... is the game dead?

Just wondering.


  2005.05.12  14.57
RP Log: Kouji and Ayato

rating: g
date: friday, 05.13; after practice
summary: Kouji shows Ayato where the bookstore is; they grab some food and wow, Kouji actually talks. About something serious, even.
warnings: Uh, well, it ends kind of abruptly. That's about it.

Ayato figured that sooner or later, he'd be able to bring the conversation around to what he really wanted to know.Collapse )


  2005.05.10  19.52
Kenta & Kaede


Rating: PG?

The boy's go out for a day in Tokyo and end up having a little trouble getting along.

Dont tell me how to do my thingCollapse )

Mood: blah

  2005.04.29  02.23
[RP Log] Taoka Shozo; Fukatsu Kaede

characters:listed aboveShozo & Kaede; appearance by Mister Creeps
rating: PG for language
summary: mister creeps goes missing and is chanced upon by kaede at the hyotei train station. shozo comes to rescue his darling and they go watch horror flicks?
note* ahaha, it ends suddenly.
timeframe: earlier in the week.

Thanks.Collapse )

Mood: complacent

  2005.04.28  19.27
[rp log] [Kouji, Keisuke]

Characters: Kouji and Keipi
Rating: Totally G
Dated: Sometime relatively soon after Kouji moved back to SeiRu
Summary: Keipi goes a-visiting with a basket of goodies. Kouji is not the big bad wolf. This summary does not work.

'We can go play tennis! Go to the arcade! Find people to mock!'Collapse )


  2005.04.22  20.41
[rp log] [Kouji, Keisuke]

Characters: Kouji and Keipi
Rating: Totally G
Dated: Way back when, when Kouji was still crashing over at Keipi's.
Summary: A typical day at the Ashiwara residence, with a nod to the edibility of birds and the wonderfulness of Japanese game shows. ♥ Rikkai sacrifices kittens, Seigaku's Fuji-san is definitely suss and SeiRu is just fear. It's always fun and games in Keipi's head.

I think they served kittens today. But it's okay, I just ate the rice.Collapse )


  2005.04.21  01.10
RP Log: Takayama Kouji and Terada Ayato (SeiRu)

A bit of preface.

Recently (about two weeks ago), Takayama Kouji had decided that he wasn't going to be staying in the dorms at St Rudolph anymore, and with the aid of Keipi (thursdayschild_), Shozo (misuta_kuriipi) and Kazuto (fubukikazuto, managed to escape the watchful eyes of the many nuns prowling the campus. (There is a log for this, but as it's a four-person log, it's been kind of tricky to try and finish.)

In the meantime, Kouji's been staying with Keipi. (There's at least one log detailing a somewhat typical day during his stay, but, you know, that procrastination thing hits.)

Guess it got to be too much, or something started getting to him -- Kouji's decided maybe he ought to go back to St Rudolph, and so, tonight, under the cover of night, stealthily breaks back into the dorm rooms like some kind of reverse-ninja. His roommate, Terada Ayato (seiru_ricochet) has some words for him.


Tonight (04.20);
St Rudolph dorms
Mild warning for Kouji's cursing.

Where the hell have you been?Collapse )


  2005.04.08  03.44

Kaede & Kenta
Rating: PG? PG13? how the heck should I know?
TimeLine: Tonight (or, last night, depending.) Thursday night
Summary: Ken gets bored and heads over to the Tall Man's. There, things get suggestive innocently amusing. *cough*

Hey, we tried to stop itCollapse )

Mood: content

  2005.04.07  19.29
RP Log

This can also be continued in LJ posts. kthx

Rating: PG (Nanjiroh is in it >/)
Characters: Ryoma and his daddeh
Timeline: First day of Seigaku practice

FEAR The CoachCollapse )


  2005.04.03  22.35
[RP log] [Ashiwara, Akeno]

characters ; Keisuke Ashiwara, Akeno Matsuda-Reeves
rating ; G
time frame ; After this comment thread in response to this post, on the 24th March.
summary ; This is really very pointless, but so are teenaged boys. Akeno gets drooled on. This is all you need to know.

It was a nice day.Collapse )


  2005.04.02  13.55
RP Log - Ashiwara Keipi-chin and Fukatsu Kae-tan (Hyotei and Rikkai)

Dated: Right after this series of comments.
Summary: Kaede sets off for Tokyo to meet Keisuke and is sadly kouhai'd (and they aren't even from the same school!) into submission. They bond over turtles, ice cream and mock violence. No more piggy back rides for you after this! xD Also another transcribed log. I've included a couple of doodles, just for fun. :3
Rating: G

Thataway!Collapse )

Mood: amused

  2005.03.27  21.57
RP LOG - Marui Kenta and Fukatsu Kaede~!

Dated: A little bit back.
Summary: Two Rikkai freshmen become good friends. Just lotsa great banter. The reason for this is because Birdy and me worked on this as one of this IC Chats like so: example.Collapse )

...and then I transcribed the entire thing into what you see here for optimal maximum super enjoyment desu. :3 *bows*
Rating: G

ore-tachi ni enjoy!Collapse )


Mood: accomplished

  2005.03.30  21.27
[RP log] [Sawashima, Mitani]

characters ; Sawashima Masuyo and Mitani Aki, SeiRu
rating ; G
time frame ; before the carnival log, during the day
summary ; in which two SeiRu kids meet up, so they won't be all alone with the scary Hyoutei kids at the carnival. ♥

Every good boy and girl had been warned about Internet perverts...Collapse )


  2005.03.30  00.28
EGAD. Log.

Characters: Amano Yuki and Takahashi Makoto

Rating: G

Time frame: Before the carnival log.

In which lunch is eaten.Collapse )


  2005.03.27  22.50
RP Comment Log :)

Invitation: Hyoutei, Rikkai, St. Rudolph
Date: Friday, March 25th -- around 6 pm
Place: Carnival grounds by Tokyo Tower - Asakura
Summary: Kazuto, Shozo, and Keisuke have made it to the carnival in Asakura

Of course, there was a subsequent train ride from the station by Hyoutei/Seigaku to Asakura... But this is after that...Collapse )

Mood: cheerful

  2005.03.19  15.07

Characters: Momo, Arai, NPC'd ichi-nen for this year
Date: Not sure... quite recent, though...
Rating: PG-13 for Momo Arai violence in front of the ichi-nen

Momo invites everyone on the tennis team for burgers...Collapse )


  2005.03.17  18.43
RP Log: Takayama Kouji, Terada Ayato (St Rud)

After arriving at St Rudolph, transfer student Takayama (brilliant_drive) meets his roommate, Terada (seiru_ricochet).

...Must be a first year.Collapse )


  2005.03.16  11.09
[RP LOG] Ishida Tetsu & Sakurai Masaya

Rating: G. [May be PGish, for language.]
Summary: One half of Doubles for Fudoumine talk. And they're as straight as straight can be. And it's kinda sweet. I guess. Just read it, because the summary does no justice to it.
Time Frame: Today.

Heaven Is A HalfpipeCollapse )


  2005.03.14  21.51
First log MAGICK- Takahashi Makoto, Amano Yuki

Summary: The two Rikkaidai students meet while avoiding bad weather. They talk, about food, about mirrors, about karate and more. Some awkward beginnings of friendship are formed.

Rating: G

Time frame: Before school starts or early on in the school year

Rain, rain, go awayCollapse )

Mood: accomplished